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pour_toi              mon_cœur              avec_moi              laisse              veux              dis_moi              amour_est              je_te              je_veux              rien_que              rêver              un_jour              sans_toi              quand_tu              pleure              je_voudrais              regarde              quand_je              fais_moi              ça_va              que_je              comme_toi              oublier              je_vais              que_aime              eux              je_vous_aime              pour_vous              mon_coeur              une_chanson              parce_que              oublie              importe_quoi              je_cherche              je_sais              ce_soir              viens              reste              maintenant              laisse_moi              je_suis              si_était              pourquoi              il_faut              je_chante              ça              alors              tout_est              un_rêve              toujours             

Examples of "avec_toi"
Face A : Un hiver avec toi (Didier Barbelivien, V. Paradiso)
Charles Aznavour adapted the song to French for Paul Mauriat and Mireille Mathieu called "Un monde avec toi".
His greatest commercial success though came with "Avec Toi" that featured Tunisiano reaching #7 in SNEP French Singles Chart.
With "L'Amour avec toi" from Michel Polnareff, it is the first time that Voulzy included a song in French in his "Rockollection".
The Canadian 1985 TV special included several different songs than were on the album, such as "Avec toi" "Amoureuse", "C'est pour toi", and "Mamy Blue".
The French B-side included "Avec toi" but there was no follow-up album. The song was included later on the 1988 French compilation "The Best Of".
‘’Je chante avec toi Liberté‘’, recorded in 1981, is perhaps her biggest hit to date, performed in at least five languages - French: ‘’Je chante avec toi liberté‘’, English: ‘’Song for Liberty‘’, German: ‘’Lied der Freiheit‘’, Spanish: ‘’Libertad‘’ and Portuguese: ‘’Liberdade‘’. ‘’Only Love‘’, a song recorded in 1985, gained worldwide popularity along with its other versions: French: ‘’L'Amour en Héritage‘’, Italian: ‘’Come un'eredità‘’, Spanish: ‘’La dicha del amor‘’, and German: ‘’Aber die Liebe bleibt‘’.
Nana Mouskouri has performed this song in at least five languages; French: Je chante avec toi liberté, English: Song for Liberty, German: Lied der Freiheit, Spanish: Libertad and Portuguese: Liberdade.
"Avec toi" is a song by French singer Axel Tony and his first charting success in the SNEP French Singles Chart. The single was released on Universal Music France reaching #07 in the French charts.
In 1968, he performed a French cover version of Frank Sinatra's "The World We Knew", entitled "Un Monde Avec Toi" ("A World With You"), for which he won an award at the "Gala des artistes".
Among their best-known songs are "Hygiaphone", "Métro c'est trop" ("Metro's Too Much"), "La bombe humaine" ("Human bomb"), "Argent trop cher" ("Money Too Expensive"), "Ça c'est vraiment toi" ("That Is So You"), "Cendrillon" ("Cinderella"), "New York avec toi" ("New York With You") and "Un autre Monde" ("Another World").
In 1988, she formed a duo with her twin sister Alice as Alice et Anaïs had a successful single "A deux". In 1991, she released her first solo album "L'étudiante" that included the track "Le temps est long" (a duet with Alice), as well as "L'amour avec toi", "J't'en veux" and "Rêves des lunes" as singles.
Je chante avec toi Liberté (1981) also known in English as Song for Liberty (1970) is a song written by Pierre Delanoë and Claude Lemesle, arranged by Alain Goraguer and performed by Nana Mouskouri. The melody is from "Va, pensiero" (Italian: [va penˈsjɛro]) also known in English as the "Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves" from the opera Nabucco (1842) by Giuseppe Verdi.
Croisille attempted to represent France in the Eurovision Song Contest 1974 with the song "Tu m'avais dit", but Dani was selected instead, although she did not participate due to Georges Pompidou's death being on the week in the contest. Her best known records are "I'll Never Leave You"; "Telephone-Moi"; "Une Femme avec Toi "; "J'ai besoin de toi, j'ai besoin de lui"; and "Parlez-moi de Lui". These are on YouTube.
Wilfred recorded a follow-up album in 2005 called "Poussières". This album was another success for the artist, classified as the second best-selling album in Quebec and the twelfth best-seller in Canada. The first song released from that album, "Avec Toi," made it to the top 5 in the top 100 radio BDS countdown while the video also placed the song in the top 5 on Musique Plus and Musimax (the Francophone version of MuchMusic).
Polnareff also played with his image: black glasses, fancy trousers, and ambiguous provocations. His song "L'Amour avec Toi" could not be played before 10 pm because it was considered "pornographic" at the time in France (the song is mild by today's standards). From 1969 on, Polnareff was hugely successful: tours, music videos, hits. He also became the target of scandalmongers. Tragedy struck in September 1970, when his friend Lucien Morisse committed suicide.
As a singer she recorded 11 singles from 1963 to 1965 among them "Demain, j'ai dix-sept ans", "Surboum 63", "Mon train de banlieue", and "Avec Toi", co-written with Jacques Demarny, her entry for the Rose de France song competition in 1966. After starting a family she then turned more to songwriting and provided a series of hits for other French singers during the 1970s.
In 2001, at the age of 23, she was signed to the label Delabel under the pseudonym Mayane Delem (In Hebrew, Mayane means the source, the ground water that gushes to the surface). Her first single was released in stores, followed by her first album. Aurélie's first album was released on August 25, 2003 following the released of her single "Je pars avec toi", which reached number 55 in France.
In 1966 Donatella Moretti () had a single release: "Se un ragazzo pensa a te" which is an Italian rendering of "I Couldn't Live Without Your Love" while Swedish and Finnish renderings were single releases for respectively Siw Malmkvist ("Jag kunde aldrig glömma dej") and Monica Aspelund ("En Ilman Häntä Olla"); another Finnish rendering: "En Voi Elää Ilman Sua", was a 1992 single release for Mari Vesala (). The French rendering ""J'aimerais vieillir avec toi" was recorded by Dave for his 2004 album "Doux Tam-Tam". The song was also recorded in 1976 by Jugular Vein, a UK jug band, on their album 'Waterloo Road' released on the Plastic Fantastic label, PFLR 3001.
Karen Cheryl began her career as a singer in the 1970s and 1980s. Her first single "Garde-moi avec toi" was released in 1975 and her last one "L'Amour Fou" was released in 1991. Her first recordings were released under the name of Carene Cheryl. In 1977, she stated in the television program "Le monde de l'accordéon" that Carene and Cheryl were her second and third names. She later explained at an interview with Philippe Bouvard that it was a pseudonym with a better sound.