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Examples of "aviaenergo"
The Aviaenergo fleet consisted of the following aircraft (as of 6 December 2009):
JSC Aviaenergo () was a charter airline with headquarters in Moscow, Russia. It was established on 31 December 1992 and operated charter flights within Europe, the CIS and other countries from its main base at Moscow Vnukovo Airport, as well as from Sheremetyevo International Airport. It was wholly owned by RAO UES, although UES, as part of its restructuring, had placed Avianergo on the market. Operations were suspended in 2011 due to poor financial performance (having approached bankruptcy in 2011)
Current and past operators include Aeroflot, Air India (lessee), Air Ukraine, Alim Airlines, Alpha Airlines, Aviaenergo, Air Koryo, Centrafricain, CSA Czechoslovak Airlines, Cubana, Dalavia, Deta Air, Domodedovo Airlines, East Line Airlines, Georgian Airways, Green Air, Interavia Airlines, Interflug, Inversija Airlines, Air Kokshetau, KrasAir, Libyan Arab Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Malév Hungarian Airlines (lessee), EgyptAir, Mavial Magadan Airlines, Mekong Air International, Moscow Airways, New Millennium Air, Quadrotour-Aero, Rossiya Airline, SAT Airlines, TAA Trans Asian Airlines, TAAG Angola Airlines, Sayat Air, TAROM, Tretyakovo, VIM Airlines, United Aran Airlines, Uzbekistan Airways, Yana Airlines, and Civil Aviation Administration of China. From 1970, Air France and Japan Air Lines wet-leased a number of Aeroflot Il-62s for long-haul services, and from 1971, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines operated nine Aeroflot-registered Il-62s for the Moscow-Amsterdam route (these planes wore joint Aeroflot/KLM markings).