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gebiidea              goodeidae              berycidae              aulostomidae              thyasiridae              unilineatus              picteti              mystacocarida              leptophlebiidae              lecythium              gobiesocidae              santanadactylus              chrysocetus              umbellatarum              bucklandi              hoplosuchus              pseudopus              archaeonectrus              subquadrata              adelophis              gaudryi              trachipteridae              catopsaloides              feliceps              pristobrycon              sclerosomatidae              heteroponerinae              brotulas              aureamala              cochlidium              paraluteres              paranensis              neophascogale              pandanicola              astacidea              pseudomugilidae              limapontiidae              monocentridae              solivagus              gyrophragmium              byrnei              leachia              belomys              quercophilus              mimetodon              conulus              arctognathus              synanceiidae              phosichthyidae              embolomeri             

Examples of "axiidea"
Axiidea is an infraorder of decapod crustaceans, formerly classified in the Thalassinidea. It comprises the following families:
Other decapod crustaceans also called shrimp, are the ghost or mud shrimp belonging to the infra-order Thalassinidea. In Australia they are called "yabbies". The monophyly of the group is not certain; recent studies have suggested dividing the group into two infraorders, Gebiidea and Axiidea.
The group was abandoned when it became clear that it represented two separate lineages, now both recognised as infraorders: Gebiidea and Axiidea. Recent molecular analyses have shown that thalassinideans are most closely related to Brachyura (crabs) and Anomura (hermit crabs and their allies). There are believed to be 556 extant species of thalassinideans in 96 genera, with the greatest diversity in the tropics, although with some species reaching latitudes above 60° north. About 95% of species live in shallow water, with only three taxa living below .