Synonyms for axiotis or Related words with axiotis

kastrinakis              kazakos              oikonomou              dimitriou              manthos              diakoulas              panagiotidis              konstantaras              vasiliadis              hadjikyriakos              avlonitis              panagiotopoulos              makridis              lambrou              patavoukas              dimitriadis              labros              stefanidis              voglis              romanidis              tsiakos              koulis              stavrakopoulos              michailidis              stavrou              kalogeropoulos              vasilopoulos              konstantinou              papatheodorou              andreou              nikolaou              giannidis              karakostas              mamatziolas              papathanasiou              kokolakis              stathelakos              alkis              fotiadis              triantafillidis              argiris              velkos              stergiou              vaios              theodoropoulos              mavroeidis              giannopoulos              vassilakopoulos              kostakis              papanastasiou             

Examples of "axiotis"
The festivals inauguration ceremony was opened by the children's choir of the Music School "George Axiotis," conducted by Tina Psalida.
Scopula axiotis is a moth of the family Geometridae. It is found in Western Australia.
Axiotis, originating from Arta, auditioned for "The Voice of Greece" at the age of thirty-four. Appearing on the third of the eight blind auditions, he auditioned with "The Show Must Go On" originally by Queen—with all four coaches electing for him to join their teams; from which Axiotis selected Despina Vandi. During the battles, he performed "The Way You Make Me Feel" against Maria Vlachava–with Despina crowning him as the winner. In the first live show, he performed "You Can Leave Your Hat On" and ended up in the bottom three but was not saved by his coach along with Eleni Geragidi.
In 2015 the doctoral thesis entitled "Deciphering the mechanism of immune dysfunction in Vici Syndrome", University of Rome "La Sapienza" by dr.Evangelos Axiotis, clarifies the molecular mechanisms and the role of the mutations in EPG5,all responsible for the immunodeficiency present in patients with Vici Syndrome.
On February 16, at the theater Veaki, Kostas made his acting debut in the musical Rent. here plays the decadent rock star Roger Davis and comes to us on stage telling the story of a group of marginalized young people, trying to survive in New York of the 90s, who suffer poverty, love, passion, rejection and loss. The musical was directed by Themidos Marcelou and counted with the participation of the actors Ada Livitsanou, Antigone Psychrami, Aris Plaskasovitis, Vasilis Axiotis, Christos Georgalis, Themis Marsellou, Stergios Ntaousanakis, Indra Kein, Andreas, and Maria Vasilatou Kapatais. E agora vai fazer um filme sendo Alagan Dhiren Rajaran.
Geragidi, originating from Athens, auditioned for "The Voice of Greece" at the age of twenty-one. Appearing on the fourth of the eight blind auditions, she auditioned with "Addicted" originally by Serge Devant—with Despina Vandi being the only one electing her to join her team. During the battles, she performed "O Aggelos Mou" against Maria Egglezou–with Despina crowning her as the winner. In the first live show, she performed "We Found Love" and ended up in the bottom three but was not saved by her coach along with Vasilis Axiotis.
In 1959 she published her first novel, "The Dead Await" ("Οι νεκροί περιμένουν"). In 1962 appeared "Bloody Earth" ("Ματωμένα Χώματα"; title of the English edition: "Farewell Anatolia"), probably her greatest success. The book deals with the trauma of the Greek-Turkish population exchange and the expulsion of Greeks from Asia Minor. In the preface Sotiriou mentions that she wrote the novel on the basis of the memories of a little Asia Minor farmer named Axiotis Manolis, who had lived the events as an eyewitness. From his perspective, the book is written in first person. The book was (and still is) also very popular in Turkey, probably because, as the author said, "there are no evil Greek and Turk, but only people who are victims and pay dear for it". The book has been reprinted sixty-five times in Greece and translated into six languages, including Turkish in 1970 and French in 1996.