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Examples of "axum"
Air transportation in Axum is served by the Axum Airport.
Although Microsoft decided not to turn Axum into a project, some of the ideas behind Axum are used in TPL Dataflow in .Net 4.5.
Located in the Mehakelegnaw Zone of the Tigray Region near the base of the Adwa mountains, Axum has an elevation of . Axum is surrounded by La'ilay Maychew "wäräda".
"Axum" was built in the CRDA shipyard in Monfalcone and launched on 13 September 1936. She was named after the recently conquered Ethiopian holy city of Axum. "Axum" was ordered to intercept and block an Allied convoy to Malta, on 12 August 1942, north of Bizerta, Tunisia. The convoy formed part of the Allied Operation "Pedestal". The "Axum" succeeded in sinking the Royal Navy anti-aircraft cruiser , and damaging the light cruiser and the oil tanker .
Around 960, the large tribal confederation led by Queen Judith, which included both forces of the Agaw tribes and the Beta Israel forces, invaded the capital of Axum and conquered and destroyed the city of Axum (including many churches and monasteries which were burned and destroyed) and imposed the Jewish rule over Axum.
The Axum project reached the state of a prototype with working Microsoft Visual Studio integration. Microsoft had made a CTP of Axum available to the public, but this has since been removed.
One of those who survived the fire was 1964 Miss America Donna Axum.
No 2: north from Addis Ababa 1071 km via Dessie, Mek'ele and Adigrat to Axum
Donna Axum became the first Miss Arkansas to win the crown.
The Axum University was established in Axum in May 2006 on a greenfield site, four kilometers (2.45 miles) from the town center; the inauguration ceremony was held on 16 February 2007. The current area of the campus is 107 hectares, with ample room for expansion. The establishment of a university in Axum is expected to contribute much to the ongoing development of the country in general and of the region in particular.
In April 2005, the Obelisk of Axum, one of Ethiopia's religious and historical treasures, was returned to Ethiopia by Italy.
Porta Capena square hosts the FAO headquarters. Between 1937 and 2004, it was home to the obelisk of Axum.
"Coptic crosses" are often shown with arms dividing into three points each (also called "Ethiopian cross" or "Axum cross";
The southern Beja were part of the Christian kingdom of Axum during the 6th to 14th centuries.
Programming languages with implicit parallelism include Axum, HPF, Id, LabVIEW, MATLAB M-code, NESL, SaC, SISAL, ZPL, and pH.
Taddesse Tamrat also mentions a tradition that makes him, not his son Dil Na'od, the last king of Axum.
Yohannes was also an advocate for Denver Sister Cities International, playing an influential role in pairing Denver with the Ethiopian city of Axum. In 1995, after the match was made official, Yohannes co-led a delegation of Denver officials and business leaders on a visit to Axum.
The area is famous for a single rock sculptured 23 meter long obelisk in Axum as well as for other fallen obelisks. The Axum treasure site of ancient Tigrayan history is a major landmark. Yeha is another important local landmark that is little-known outside the region.
The Obelisk of Axum () is a 1,700-year-old, 24-meter-tall (79-feet) granite stele/obelisk, weighing 160 tonnes, in the city of Axum in Ethiopia. It is ornamented with two false doors at the base and features decorations resembling windows on all sides. The obelisk ends in a semi-circular top part, which used to be enclosed by metal frames.
Axum Airport resides at an elevation of above mean sea level. It has one runway designated 16/34, with an asphalt concrete surface measuring . It is capable of receiving very large aircraft, such as the Antonov 124, which brought the Axum Obelisk back from Italy in 2005.