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Other new enka singers around that time included Fuyumi Sakamoto and Ayako Fuji. Hibari Misora, at the age of 50, released the single "Midaregami" on December 10, 1987. "Midaregami" reached the No. 9 position on the Oricon weekly charts. Yasushi Akimoto wrote the lyrics of her 1989 single "Kawa no Nagare no Yō ni". However, she died in 1989 and the enka range expanded into the genre "kayōkyoku" while the genre "kayōkyoku" was vanishing.
Her songs are regularly covered by other performers. Ayako Fuji released an "enka" version of her hit "Manjushaka" in 2003. "Cosmos" has been covered by many artists, including its creator, Masashi Sada, as well as Akina Nakamori. "Imitation Gold" was covered by Tak Matsumoto with Mai Kuraki in 2003. In 2004, a tribute album "Yamaguchi Momoe Toribyuto Thank You For ..." appeared of Yamaguchi covers by singers such as Masaharu Fukuyama, Sowelu, and Hiromi Iwasaki. A second volume, "Yamaguchi Momoe Toribyuto Thank You For ... Part 2", with more covers, came out in 2005.