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hidemi              masayo              mihoko              mitsue              miyoko              katsuko              rieko              ryohei              miwako              kazue              shizue              makiko              kayoko              aimi              sotaro              takamasa              mieko              mayuko              tasuku              hiroe              yuuya              kiyoto              hachiro              hiromasa              mitsugu              kyoichi              mitsuhiko              mikiko              emiko              akinobu              ikuyo              utako              seiichiro              rikako              hanae              masae              kuniko              shinpei              chikako              mikako              yurie              ippei              yousuke              shigekazu              fuyuko              takehiro              hisae              miyasako              masaomi              kotoe             

Examples of "ayuko"
Kato's father Koichi was a longtime member of the House. Ayuko Kato was married to Kensuke Miyazaki from 2006 to 2009.
Sekine showed much improvement on the track in the 2016 season and at the 2016 Japan Championships in Athletics she set a personal best of 31:22.92 minutes to take second behind Ayuko Suzuki in the 10,000 metres, then placed third in the 5000 metres with another best of 15:24.74 minutes. She was chosen to represent Japan at the 2016 Summer Olympics over the longer distance. At the competition she was near the top of the field in the opening stages, but fell away as the leading pack took on a world record pace. She finished 20th, top places behind national rival Yuka Takashima.
In 2006 he married Ayuko Kato, but the couple divorced in 2009. Kato was later elected as a representative in the National Diet for the LDP in 2014. In 2015 he married another LDP representative, Megumi Kaneko. In January 2016 he became the first representative in Japan to request paternity leave. However, shortly before Kaneko was due to give birth to the couple's child, it was revealed he had had an affair whilst she was pregnant. He subsequently resigned as a member of the National Diet.
"It's" is a maxi single performed by Kinya Kotani first released on May 24, 2006 by R and C under the catalog number YRCN-10138. The lyrics, composition, and arrangement for the single are provided by Taguchi Toshi, Mikio Sakai, Ayuko Akiyama, and Teppei Shimizu. It contains 3 tracks in both regular and instrumental versions. The track "It's" was featured as the opening theme to the second season of the anime series "Tsubasa Chronicle". The single's B-side is titled It peak ranked 63rd on the Oricon singles chart and remained on the chart for three weeks.
Her roles have ranged from historical-period parts to modern people, and encompassed "tokusatsu" as well. She portrayed Aikawa Midori in "Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain" in 1991–92. From 1991 to 1994, she played the shogun's "ninja" Akane in the long-running Edo period "jidaigeki" series "Abarenbō Shōgun" (Series 3–5). The actress returned to this prime-time series as the guest star on Episode 35 of Series 6. Another guest-star role was on Episode 23 of Series 6 of "Meibugyō Tōyama no Kin-san". Also in historical drama, she had a part in the Sengoku period "Sanada Taiheiki", an NHK Large-Scale "Jidaigeki". Also on NHK, she appeared in the Taiga drama "Dokuganryū Masamune." A contemporary guest role was on "Hagure Keiji Junjō-ha" with Makoto Fujita. Another was on the two-hour detective special "Taxi Driver no Suiri Nisshi". Mayuko also appeared on the legal drama "Bengoshi Takabayashi Ayuko".
The soundtrack to "The World Ends with You" was composed and produced by Takeharu Ishimoto. The game's music encompasses many genres, combining rock, hip hop, and electronica and was designed to fit the various moods of Shibuya. The song appearing during the credits of the game is "Lullaby for You" by Japanese pop artist, Jyongri. Vocal artists featured in the game include Sawa Kato, Makiko Noda, Leah, Ayuko Tanaka, Mai Matsuda, Wakako, Hanaeryca, Cameron Strother, Andy Kinlay, Nulie Nurly, and Londell "Taz" Hicks. The developers used CRI Middleware's Kyuseishu Sound Streamer, a compression algorithm normally used for voice-overs, to compress the soundtrack and fit more songs on the game media, while replacing full motion video cutscenes with Flash-style animations to save more space. The ADX-compressed soundtrack and cutscene audio on the final version of the game take up approximately one-fourth (42 of 128 total MB) of the game media.
The first film festival was organized in 1992 by actors Danny Glover and Ja'net Dubois and executive director Ayuko Babu. Glover and actess Whoopi Goldberg co-hosted the festival. It featured over by black directors from four continents. "The Los Angeles Times" said the films had universal themes as well as African themes: "the overthrow of colonial governments, the clash between modern values and traditional values, and tales of gifted artists". Films at the first festival included "Sarraounia", "Heritage Africa", and "Lord of the Street". In 2013, the film festival attracted approximately , and the arts festival attracted around 75,000. In 2014, the film festival featured from . The films included feature-length documentaries, short documentaries, narrative feature films, narrative short films, and webseries.
Doctor Allison Mann is an expert geneticist, seeking to discover the cause of the plague and why Yorick survived. When her main lab in Boston is burned down, Yorick and 355 accompany her to her backup lab in California so Mann can recover her notes to help her solve the mystery of the plague. Mann believes she may be responsible for the plague, since it happened the instant she gave birth to her non-viable clone. She is Chinese and Japanese by parentage, and changed her name to Allison Mann from Ayuko Matsumori to annoy her Japanese father. At a young age, she moved to Los Angeles, California with her father. She told her father that she was a lesbian before he left the United States. Her first lover was named Mercedes, and she later develops feelings for Agent 355. Her previous failed relationships (and her parents' unhappy marriage) have given Allison a cynical attitude towards love; she claims at one point that it is a mere biological imperative.
From the gun in the final, the two Japanese runner Misaki Onishi then Ayuko Suzuki took the pace out at a serious level, the women running the same pace as the pedestrian men's race through the first 2,000. After her 1500 metres win and world record, all eyes were clearly on Genzebe Dibaba. On the first lap Dibaba went to the back of the pack. After a lap she decided to move in behind the Japanese runners. Instantly she was marked by world leader Almaz Ayana. Three laps into the race, it was a string of African runners behind the Japanese, with a gap back to all the other non-Africans. From the pace of just under 74 seconds a lap, Ayana then upped the pace, followed immediately by Dibaba and the Kenyan team running as a group led by returning silver medalist Mercy Cherono. Laps started getting quicker, 68, 67, the field stringing out 65, 64 first only Dibaba was able to follow Ayana, then she was broken, Ayana out into an insurmountable lead with three laps to go and still accelerating. More than a hundred metres behind, Senbere Teferi was battling the last of the Kenyans, Viola Kibiwot for the bronze medal position. Ayana slowed a little over the last two laps, the pace falling back to 67 seconds but the damage was done and the race was decided. Ayana pushed home in 14:26.83 to break Genzebe's sister Tirunesh Dibaba's Championship Record. Well behind, Genzebe was content to just finish the race in silver medal position, but the battle for bronze was accelerating. Onto the home stretch, Teferi put her best move on Kibiwot and was sprinting home, but in the process she passed the slowing Dibaba. Dibaba finally noticed Teferi passing and turned into sprinting making for a close finish but Teferi had the edge and took the silver medal.