Synonyms for azoti or Related words with azoti

bitozeves              mavronoros              melnica              novai              akdam              yellice              thymaria              erenkaya              kurlar              poldrugovac              toumassatou              edvan              regianum              brezik              podgorice              kocakaya              dubravice              lymanske              kannelopoulos              rodop              mikrokleisoura              kalnyk              athinaida              hrebinky              kapouti              smalininkai              sepci              pipitsa              ludanice              magaroeli              arsenaria              lykofos              marinkovac              vlasovo              oktomberi              zakarpatie              timnev              gurianta              mitropolis              tsolakert              katastari              klenovac              ciobalaccia              bozyaka              regep              serigene              petsali              manastirtsi              divnoye              pankorinthiakos             

Examples of "azoti"
Redd, via NCT Ventures, invested in Azoti, an Ohio startup that connects producers and buyers of food.
The club was founded in 1991 as BC Azoti, and began competing in the newly established Georgian national league. It is one of only 2 clubs (the other being Dinamo Tbilisi) to have participated in the league continuously throughout its existence. Rustavi challenged for high positions in the league on a consistent basis, and recorded numerous top 3 finishes, always falling short of winning trophies.
From 1992 to 1997, he played for the Rustavi clubs Imedi, Azoti and Gorda. In 1997, he was bought by Latvian champion team Skonto FC, who had a Georgian coach Revaz Dzodzuashvili. As Dzodzuashvili left the club in 1999, the future of Silagadze became uncertain, but he rejoined his old coach in various loan moves. In 2001, he played his last cap to date with the Georgian national team, having played 21 times in total since 1997. A somewhat unsuccessful spell in Russian team Rubin Kazan between 2002 and 2003 (despite winning the Russian league bronze in 2003) was followed by a transfer to Dinamo Tbilisi. In summer 2008, he moved to Standard Baku in Azerbaijan.