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Examples of "baalen"
van Baalen is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Jacoba ("Coby") Maria Jozina van Baalen-Dorresteijn (born April 6, 1957 in Werkhoven, Utrecht) is an equestrian from the Netherlands, who won the silver medal in the Team Dressage event at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. She did so alongside Anky van Grunsven, Ellen Bontje, and Arjen Teeuwissen. In the Individual Competition Van Baalen finished in fifth position. Her daughter Marlies van Baalen is also an Olympic equestrian. Van Baalen competed in the Olympics with a KWPN stallion called Ferro, also known as Olympic Ferro.
Johannes Cornelis van Baalen was born on 17 June 1960 in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.
Van Baalen worked until September 2015 as a lobbyist for the motoring organisation "RAI" and was on the supervisory board of Mercedes-Benz. Van Baalen reported those position to the European Parliament and indicated he refrained from involvement in car-related parliamentary business. In 2014 however, Van Baalen, in his capacity as member of European parliament called for standardized rules for the car industry in the European Union and the United States.
Vinus van Baalen (1 July 1942 – 21 August 2012) was a Dutch swimmer. He competed in two events at the 1964 Summer Olympics.
Marlies Anne van Baalen (born August 30, 1980 in Den Bosch, Noord-Brabant) is a Dutch Dressage equestrian. She is Coby van Baalen's daughter.
He was elected President of Liberal International in 2005 and served until Liberal International's Cairo congress in 2009. He was succeeded by Dutch politician Hans van Baalen.
In November 2014, Mlinar was elected vice-president of ALDE and thus part of the party’s leadership team around president Hans van Baalen.
VVD politician Hans van Baalen has mentioned Thielen as one of the sponsors of this 2014 campaign for the European Parliament.
The Delegation for Relations with South Africa (D-ZA) is a delegation of the European Parliament. Its current chair is the Dutch politician Hans van Baalen (VVD).
Two more protests came in, one from Rev. Van Baalen, and an overture from Rev. M. Schans, of Kellogsville. Rev. Van Baalen also submitted his protest to Grand Rapids Classis West, against Rev. Danhof. He was not a member of either classis, and he did not approach either the consistory or the minister. Rev. Schans also didn’t go before either consistory or minister, and he published his overture without the approval of his consistory.
Van Baalen has been a member of the VVD since 1986. He was international secretary for the VVD party bureau from 1993 to 1998 and was an MP from 1999 until 2002. He was again made an MP in 2003. Before his political career he worked as a journalist and also with the public relations department of Deloitte Consulting. In the Dutch House of Representatives, Van Baalen was a member of the Foreign Affairs commission, European Affairs commission and the Defense commission.
In 2015, news media reported that van Baalen was included in a Russian blacklist of prominent people from the European Union who are not allowed to enter the country.
FIRES was named in 2008 by Dr. Andreas van Baalen and colleagues. Previous names include AERRPS, DESC (Devastating Epileptic encephalopathy in School-aged Children), and NORSE (New-Onset Refractory Status Epilepticus).
In addition to his committee assignments, van Baalen serves as chairman of the parliament’s delegation relations with South Africa. He was previously a member of the delegations with Afghanistan (2010-2014), the United States (2010-2014) and Japan (2009-2014).
Unlike the other time echoes, they could touch the present world, and killed Bram Van Baalen. They end up trapping their past selves in the Eye of Harmony's room by accident, setting up the existence of the Time Zombies. The Doctor realised how to avert the future, killing all but Clara's echo by knocking them off the rail. However, the Van Baalens couldn't avoid their fate. The Doctor eventually prevented the existence of these things by resetting time, preventing the TARDIS from being damaged and salvaged by the Van Baalen Brothers.
Van Baalen’s protest against Rev. Danhof in Classis Grand Rapids West was treated somewhat differently. Rev. Van Baalen was told that he must discuss first discuss the matter privately with Danhof. He then must discuss the matter with the consistory of Kalamazoo First CRC, and if it is still not resolved, he may call a special meeting of Classis Grand Rapids West on June 10, 1924. This was a rather odd decision of classis: the special meeting would only be eight days before synod, and Rev. Van Baalen, not a member of Classis Grand Rapids West, would be allowed to call a special meeting.
Mycobacterium vanbaalenii is a rapidly growing mycobacterium that can use polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. It was first isolated from petroleum-contaminated estuarine sediments and has been shown by 16S rRNA gene sequencing to be closely related to Mycobacterium aurum and Mycobacterium vaccae. "M. vanbaalenii" has potential use in the bioremediation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon contaminated environmental sites. Etymology: vanbaalenii of Van Baalen, in memory of Dr Chase Van Baalen, late Professor at The University of Texas Marine Science Institute, Port Aransas Marine Laboratory, Port Aransas, TX, USA.
Van Baalen a jurist and management consultant by occupation, worked for Deloitte as Director of Public relations from 1988 until 1999. He became a Member of the House of Representatives on 28 September 1999 serving until 23 May 2002. After the Dutch general election of 2003 he was re-elected as Member of the House of Representatives serving from 30 January 2003 until 14 July 2009 when he became Member of the European Parliament. Van Baalen served as President of the Liberal International from 20 April 2009 until 26 April 2014.
Arjen Gerald Teeuwissen (born March 29, 1971 in Mook en Middelaar) is an equestrian from the Netherlands, who won the silver medal in the Team Dressage event at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. He did so alongside Anky van Grunsven, Ellen Bontje, and Coby van Baalen.