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leuconotus_egyptian_goose_alopochen              tailed_wheatear_oenanthe_leucopyga              asiatica_zenaida_dove_zenaida              aegyptiacus_spur_winged              necrosyrtes_monachus_egyptian_vulture              nettapus_auritus_african              goose_plectropterus_gambensis_knob              melanotos_hartlaub_duck_pteronetta              duck_anas_sparsa              throated_robin_irania              billed_duck_sarkidiornis              maurus_whinchat              necrosyrtes_monachus              gypohierax_angolensis_hooded_vulture              headed_lapwing_vanellus_albiceps              family_sarothruridae              myioparus_plumbeus              white_winged_redstart              crithagra_sulphuratus              bellied_kingfisher_corythornis              phoenicurus_erythrogaster              duck_sarkidiornis_melanotos              headed_lapwing_vanellus_tectus              aurita_mourning              naped_pigeon_columba              daurian_redstart_phoenicurus_auroreus              gracupica              schuettii              dendrocygna_viduata              elminia_nigromitrata              throated_laughingthrush_garrulax              heron_egretta_ardesiaca_intermediate              lr_lc_genus_mungos              vocifer_palm_nut_vulture              cheeked_tit              slate_colored_seedeater              spotted_flufftail_sarothrura_pulchra              gutturalis_rufous_tailed              leucocephala_asian_openbill              billed_barbet              africanus_rüppell_vulture_gyps              magnirostris_harris_hawk_parabuteo              throated_redstart              tauraco_livingstonii              helogale_parvula_lr_lc              monasa_morphoeus              collared_seedeater_sporophila_torqueola              saxicola_rubetra_european              capped_heron_pilherodius              throated_crake             

Examples of "backed_duck_thalassornis"
The white-backed duck ("Thalassornis leuconotus") is a waterbird of the family Anatidae. It is distinct from all other ducks, but most closely related to the whistling ducks in the subfamily Dendrocygninae, though also showing some similarities to the stiff-tailed ducks in the subfamily Oxyurinae. It is the only member of the genus "Thalassornis".
Eight species of whistling duck are currently recognized in the genus "Dendrocygna". However, Johnsgard considers the white-backed duck ("Thalassornis leuconotus") from Africa and Madagascar to be distinct ninth species, a view first proposed in 1960 and initially supported by behavioral similarities. Later, similarities in anatomy, duckling vocalizations, and feather proteins gave additional support. Molecular analysis in 2009 also suggested that the white-backed duck was nested within the whistling duck clade. In addition to the extant species, subfossil remains of an extinct, undescribed species have been found on Aitutaki of the Cook Islands.
Altogether, however, the only thing that seems clear is that the musk ducks probably are not part of the stiff-tailed ducks in the strict sense, but rather represent a not-too-distantly related lineage that is highly convergent as regards their hind limb anatomy. These two are probably part of a very ancient radiation of Gondwanan (often Australian) waterfowl, including such forms as the Cape Barren goose ("Cereopsis"), the coscoroba swan ("Coscoroba"), the freckled duck ("Stictonetta") which once was placed in the Oxyurinae, or the pygmy geese ("Nettapus"), but the exact relationships between these lineages remains unresolved. For example, the African white-backed duck ("Thalassornis") also shows some similarities to "Oxyura", but again, this may be yet another case of convergent evolution.