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jeong              joo              yoon              jeon              chae              seong              seung              yoo              seok              jang              chul              yeong              hyung              kwang              kyung              cheon              jae              gyu              byun              cheol              hyun              seol              woong              myung              hwang              kang              hyuk              suk              kwon              joon              hyeon              hwan              yong              byung              heon              woo              seon              ahn              yun              beom              kyu              wook              choi              sook              deok              youn              hee              hyeok              keum              keun             

Examples of "baek"
Baek divorced his wife in March 2004 after 27 years of marriage. His two sons, Baek Do-bin and Baek Seo-bin, are also actors.
Madam Shim has four sons: Ki-baek, Yi-baek, Sam-baek, and Sa-baek. The eldest son, Ki-baek falls in love with Goo Mi-ho, the daughter of Madam Shim's enemy, Goo Gook. Third son Sam-beak becomes friends with Chae Soo-jung, a hotel management student at his mother's hotel, but things become complicated when he and older brother Yi-baek both fall for her. Soo-young and Yu-ri both have a crush on fourth son Sa-baek, but he doesn't return their feelings and constantly ignores them.
Real-life father and son Baek Yoon-sik and Baek Seo-bin co-starred in the drama.
Baek Kyu-jung (born 15 October 1995), also known as Q Baek, is a South Korean professional golfer.
Baek Seung-hyeon (born Baek Seung-wook on March 1, 1975) is a South Korean actor. Baek has starred in supporting roles in television series such as "Cain and Abel" (2009), "Brilliant Legacy" (2009) and "Prosecutor Princess" (2010).
The Gye-Baek (or Gae-Baek) hyeong has 44 Movements. Gae-Baek is named after Gyebaek, a great general in the Baekje Dynasty. The diagram represents his severe and strict military discipline.
Baek Minseok was born in 1971, in Seoul. In 2004, Baek announced that he would no longer write and since then, he has suspended all writing activities.
Yoo-baek realizes that Seol-hee's skill with the sword is similar to Seol-rang's, whom he had once loved. Yoo-baek orders his
The music video for "Sunflower" featured Baek Sung Hyun.
Baek Minseok (Hangul: 백민석) is a modern South Korean writer.
Based on the 2010 comic "Honorable Baek Dong-soo" by Lee Jae-heon, the series is about how Joseon historical figure Baek Dong-soo grew to become a swordsman and folk hero. Baek was one of the three authors of "Muyedobotongji", a pivotal martial arts work commissioned by King Jeongjo.
One day, Du-su goes to his teacher Baek Sang-do's (Hah Myung-joong) boarding house for tuition and falls for In-suk (Kang Ju-hee), daughter of the grocery store owner from whom Mr. Baek rents a room. When a classmate Ho-cheol (Kim Jeong-hun) tells on him to Mr. Baek, he decides to retaliate.
"Baek kimchi"'s mild flavor and crunchy texture makes it a good appetizer when people order main dishes based on beef such as galbi or bulgogi at Korean restaurants. It is also used as a wrap for "baek kimchi bossam".
Baek Seung-hwan (born April 17, 1998) is a South Korean actor. Baek began his career as a child actor, notably in the films "The Crucible" (2011) and "South Bound" (2013).
Baek Ok-dam (born May 24, 1986) is a South Korean actress. Her aunt is screenwriter Im Sung-han, and Baek has mostly starred in television dramas that Im has written, including "Princess Aurora" (2013) and "Apgujeong Midnight Sun" (2014).
8Eight (에이트) was a South Korean music trio consisting of Baek Chan, Lee Hyun, and Joo Hee. As of December 21, 2014, they have temporarily disbanded, as Baek Chan and Joo Hee's contracts with Big Hit Entertainment have ended.
In May , Baek was designated for assignment by the Mariners. Later in the month, he was traded to the San Diego Padres for Jared Wells. Baek hit his first career home run on July 20, 2008, off Jaime Garcia.
Baek Ji-Yoon (Park Ha-Sun) is an intern at Keumsan Ad Company. She tries to do her best regardless of the task. Ji-Yoon is full of passion and becomes involved with Lee Tae-Baek.
Foxstar (여우별밴드) is a four-member teen female band from Hampyeong, Jeollanamdo, South Korea. The group consists of Baek Chae Lin (백채린, 19), Baek Yu Lin (백유린, 18), Kim Da Seul (김다슬, 18), Lee Seul (이슬, 18).
Kang also owns a chain of Korean barbecue restaurants called Baek Jeong.