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Examples of "baewha"
The school was founded by the Baewha Educational Foundation, in 1977. The foundation's roots are much older, however; it was established in 1898 by the American Methodist missionary Josephine Eaton Peel Campbell.
Baewha Women's University is a private Christian university located in Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea. Enrollment fluctuates around 1,350, and is restricted to women. Courses of study are offered in interpretation (English, Japanese and Chinese), traditional cuisine, clothing, business management, secretarial studies, e-commerce, nutrition, early childhood education, and applied information processing.
She got her master's degree in Food and Nutrition at Sookmyung Women's University, and took her doctoral course in Food and Nutrition at Dankook University. She was the associate professor of Traditional Cookery at Baewha Women's University, and now she is the head of the Institute of Traditional Korean Food, where she is also a professor in the Department of Food and Cooking. Additionally, she is the head of the Tteok Museum. She has given presentations on Korean food in London.
Moh Youn Sook’s pen name was Yeongun. She was born in Wonsan, Hamgyeongnam-do, on March 5, 1910. She attended Hamheung Yeongsaeng Girls' School, Hosudon Girls' School, and graduated from Ewha Technical College, majoring in Literature. She taught at Jiando Myeongsin and Baewha Girls' High schools, and was a reporter for Samcheollisa and Joongang Broadcasting Company. In 1940, she was detained at Gyeonggi-do Police Station for writing the poems "Joseonui ttal" and "I saengmyeong". After Korea gained independence from Japan, she remained active not only in literature but also in various other fields. Moh participated in the 1948 UN General Assembly as a representative of Korea; she also attended the 1954 establishment of the Korean Division of the International Pen Club, consecutively filling various posts. She served as committee chairwoman of the Korean Freedom Literary Association, head committee member of All Literature, committee chairwoman of Korean Division of International Pen Club, committee vice-chairwoman for the International Pen Club, and president of Korea's Contemporary Poetry Association. She died on June 7, 1990.