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bcma              gitr              icosl              fzd              taci              opgl              gitrl              hgitr              baff              tgfrii              madcam              fcgammariia              mincle              blys              htslp              plexin              btla              tigit              ifnar              pilr              ldcam              tnfrii              prlr              trii              aicl              nectin              neuropilin              hvegf              fcyriib              tgfbetarii              igfir              tslpr              tslp              crtam              fcel              endosialin              sirpalpha              pilra              fceh              fcria              vegi              fciii              fcgammariii              tweakr              membraneantagonize              gcsfr              epor              counterstructure              icoslg              aitrl             

Examples of "baffr"
Mutations in the genes encoding ICOS, TACI, CD19, CD20, CD21, CD80 and BAFFR have been identified as causative of CVID. Susceptibility to CVID may also be linked to the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) of the genome, particularly to DR-DQ haplotypes. A mutation in the NFKB2 gene has recently been shown to cause CVID-like symptoms in a murine model. The frequency of this NFKB2 mutation in the CVID population is, however, yet to be established.