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jinho              jeng              keum              foong              yeop              lyu              chon              sangho              leang              myong              jaehoon              byeon              cilok              hyon              liem              weon              kiat              khee              piao              maeng              yeap              chiew              chye              cheok              yeom              yeow              liow              tjong              pleng              myoung              byoung              koong              kyoo              pyeon              diau              tze              pheng              hooi              jaeho              seang              cheon              tjin              choong              gwak              khemtong              cheun              guat              zha              taik              taur             

Examples of "baik"
Coach of the year: Steve Baik, Chino Hills, California
Wali are known for their hit singles, such as "Cari Jodoh", "Dik", "Si Udin Bertanya" and "Baik Baik Sayang". The first album titled "Orang Bilang" (People Say), released in 2008.
Long Service and Good Conduct Star - "Bintang Untuk Perkhidmatan Lama dan Kelakuan Baik"
Long Service and Good Conduct Medal - "Pingat Kerana Lama Berjawatan dan Baik Pekerti"
Long Service and Good Conduct Medal - "Pingat Untuk Perkhidmatan Lama dan Kelakuan Baik"
Jalan Janda Baik (Pahang state route C7) is a major road in Pahang, Malaysia.
Long Service and Good Conduct Star - "Bintang Kerana Lama Berjawatan dan Baik Pekerti"
Baik Sou Linne (born 1982) is a modern female South Korean author.
Janda Baik was explored in the 1960s where plots of land were given to retiring Special Constable(SC) as part of their retirement benefit. In those days, Janda Baik had a very humble start (no supply of electric-water). Life was very simple but full of tranquillity. Most early residents earned their living by agricultural activities- small rubber plantations and paddy(oryza sativa)cultivation mainly because Janda Baik is so blessed with rich natural network of rivers.
Baik Island () is an island located in the Celebes Sea near Lahad Datu area in Sabah, Malaysia.
Baik Myung-sun (born 12 February 1956) is a Korean former volleyball player who competed in the 1976 Summer Olympics.
Baik Jong-sub (born July 5, 1980) is an amateur boxer in the Lightweight division from South Korea.
Author Baik Sou Linne was born in 1982 in Incheon, South Korea. Baik became an author after being selected in the Novel Field of the 2015 "Kyunghyang Sinmun" Annual Spring Literary Contest. she majored in French at Yonsei. She went to Sogang University for graduate school still but still had the desire to write that she started to practice writing after graduating grad school.
The Janda Baik has now grown into a popular highland tourism retreat spot where dozens of operators offer homestays and chalets in Malay kampong/village style capitalising its breeze and cool highland climate that is clean and fresh. Janda Baik is also popular due to its close distance to Karak Highway (20 minutes from Genting Sempah) or 40 minutes to drive from Kuala Lumpur.
Baik is highly praised by others such as critics including professor Kim Yun Shik (김윤식). Baik began writing novellas with "Lying Practice" ("거짓말 연습") and published a collection of short story novels in her book "Falling in Paul" ("폴링 인 폴"). She believes that she lacks as a writer because unlike many others who took all the steps to become a writer.
Chandran later moved into a studio with “The GodFather” of Malaysian electronica, producer Syko-G, where the duo recorded MC Kerambit’s fifth solo album, "Gengster Baik". The 13-track album didn’t abandon Kerambit’s Reformasi ideals, but they were downplayed now that Chandran was back in Malaysia. Instead, the album was based around the concept of the “good gangsta” or “gangster baik,” who decried materialism, child molestation and other unlawfulness in the country. The album featured production from Syko-G, the American production team Hamster Alliance, Malaysian super producer Alvin “GoldFish” Teoh and featuring artists DJ Feedo of Egypt, and legendary Malaysian singer to’ki on the album’s title track “Gengster Baik.”
Amnesty International designated Baik a prisoner of conscience for his imprisonment as a former leader of the South Korean Socialist Coalition of Workers (SKSCW) or Sanomaeng.
It was around this time that Kim Jong-suk reportedly saved Kim Il-sung’s life. Baik Bong relates the story in Kim Il-sung's official biography:
Baik is the author of two books, "Emerging Human Rights Systems In Asia" and "The Dream of Korean Socialist Movement," as well as several articles.
Baik received a sentence of life imprisonment on 27 October 1992. Amnesty International quoted another report as stating that the judge wished for Baik to be "segregated from society indefinitely" for his refusal to accept the market economy mandated in the Constitution; however, his renunciation of violence had spared him the requested sentence of death. The High Court reduced Baik's sentence to 15 years' imprisonment on February 20, 1993.