Synonyms for ballymiscaw or Related words with ballymiscaw

drumgooland              shannagh              kinvarra              bovevagh              cloghfin              desertlyn              magheradrool              finvoy              isertkelly              ballaghmore              drumcaw              annaclone              magheramurphy              ballymaconaghy              rodanstown              borrisnafarney              ballybannan              carnteel              ballylucas              killathy              ballintogher              dreenan              mullaghglass              carrickaness              lettermacaward              glashare              kellystown              braade              ballyknock              carrignamuck              ballylinny              ballymacmaine              aghalurcher              cavanreagh              cloonmore              skehanagh              keeloge              ardquin              ballycollin              ballyloran              cloghprior              castletaylor              killyman              glenmaquin              imphrick              derryfadda              cloonaghmore              lisboy              drumconor              ballinphull             

Examples of "ballymiscaw"
1974-1983: The County Borough of Belfast wards of Pottinger and Victoria, and the Rural District of Castlereagh electoral divisions of Ballyhackamore, Ballymaconaghy, Ballymiscaw, Castlereagh, Dundonald, and Gilnakirk.
Lying within the townland of Ballymiscaw, Stormont was originally the estate of a Rev. John Cleland. It was named after a district in Perthshire and comes from the Gaelic "Stoirmhonadh", "place for crossing the mountains".
Ballymacanallen, Ballymacanally, Ballymacaramery, Ballymacarrett, Ballymacaratty Beg, Ballymacaratty More, Ballymacarn North, Ballymacarn South, Ballymacarron, Ballymacashen, Ballymacateer, Ballymacbredan, Ballymacbrennan, Ballimachoris, Ballymackilreiny, Ballymacmaine, Ballymacnamee, Ballymaconaghy, Ballymaconnell, Ballymacormick, Ballymacreelly, Ballymacromwell, Ballymacruise, Ballymadeerfy, Ballymaganlis, Ballymagaraghan, Ballymagart, Ballymagaughey, Ballymagee, Ballymageogh, Ballymaghan, Ballymaghery, Ballymagin, Ballymaginaghy, Ballymaglaff, Ballymaglave North, Ballymaglave South, Ballymagreehan, Ballymakeonan, Ballymalady, Ballymarter, Ballymartin, Ballymenagh, Ballyminetragh, Ballyministragh, Ballyminnish, Ballymiscaw, Ballymisert, Ballymoney, Ballymorran, Ballymote Lower, Ballymote Middle, Ballymote Upper, Ballymullan, Ballymurphy (Annahilt), Ballymurphy (Ardquin), Ballymurphy (Greyabbey), Ballymurry, Ballynabragget, Ballynacraig, Ballynadrone, Ballynafern, Ballynafoy (Annaclone), Ballynafoy (Knockbreda), Ballynagallagh, Ballynagappoge, Ballynagarrick, Ballynagross, Ballynagross Lower, Ballynagross Upper, Ballynahatten, Ballynahatty, Ballynahinch, Ballynamagna, Ballynanny (Annaclone), Ballynanny (Clonduff), Ballynaris, Ballynaskeagh, Ballynavally, Ballyneddan, Ballyneddan Upper, Ballynester, Ballynewport, Ballynichol, Ballynoe