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Examples of "baloney"
LA Symphony independently released the "Baloney" EP in 2002. Originally, 1000 limited edition copies were pressed, hand-numbered and shipped in resealable sandwich bags. "Baloney" was later re-pressed.
Despite this, Céline could also be critical of Hitler, and of what he called "Aryan baloney".
Adapted from the "More Pelvis Wick for the Baloney Boners" liner notes.
Oklahoma barbecue is also unique in its emphasis on hickory-smoked baloney, nicknamed "Oklahoma tenderloin" and its fried okra.
King Kong was mentioned in the song of the same name by LA Symphony in 2002 on the album "Baloney".
In one of his essays, Davenport claimed to "live almost exclusively off fried baloney, Campbell's soup, and Snickers bars."
Baloney's Balloon Bop stars all three Warners as they try to pop balloons by bouncing Yakko upward on a trampoline held by Wakko and Dot. Baloney the dinosaur runs along the bottom of the screen, under Wakko and Dot, and Yakko will lose a life if he misses the trampoline and is caught by Baloney. Some balloons contain power-ups, while others release anvils that will stun Baloney for a moment if they land on him. On later screens, unbreakable steel blocks appear among the balloons.
Known for making balloon animals, Baloney Balloony can make any animal shaped balloons with his hands. He has a grandson named Bailey.
Baloney (Henry P.) is a children's picture book written by Jon Scieszka and illustrated by Lane Smith. It was published in 1991 by Viking Press.
In the October 20, 2007 primary for the state House of Representatives, Monica was the only Republican in the race for the seat vacated by the two-term Democrat Robert Faucheux. He led five Democrats, having received 4,827 votes (29.3 percent). He therefore entered the November 16 general election with Democrat Geraldine Broussard Baloney of Garyville, the wife of Carl Baloney, who trailed with 2,867 votes (17.4 percent). Baloney's total was only thirty-seven votes above the third-placed candidate, Randal L. Gaines, who received 2,830 votes (17.2 percent). Natalie Tatje had 2,726 votes (16.5 percent), and Matthew John Ory finished sixth with 703 votes (4.3 percent). In the showdown with Baloney, Monica prevailed, 7,797 (57.1 percent) to 5,848 (42.9 percent). Oddly, Monica won both the parish presidency and state representative positions by defeating candidates, husband and wife, with the unlikely name of "Baloney."
The only other recording of "Cold Bologna" is found on the 1973 Bill Withers live album, "Live at Carnegie Hall" as "Harlem/Cold Baloney".
The animated series "Animaniacs" had a satire episode in which the Warner siblings confront "Baloney", an orange dinosaur meant to be a parody of Barney. The entire episode is dedicated to lampooning the series, as well as PBS for airing it (the introduction promotes the show as part of the "SBS (Stupid Broadcasting Service)" while the voice-over says, ""Baloney and Kids" is brought to you by this station and other stations that lack clever programming."). The Warners try various methods to get rid of Baloney (including dropping anvils on his head; after the second time Baloney says, "Let's do that again!"), but only escape when the show runs out of time, at which point they also take with them three extremely desperate adult members of the regular crew (including Hello Nurse).
In 1977, pantograph gates, salvaged from retired R1 through R9 cars, were modified and then installed on the front ends of the R42 and R40A straight-ended cars, and baloney coiled spring type inter car safety barriers were installed on the blind ends of the married pairs (the straight-ended R40As came factory equipped with the baloney coiled spring type inter car safety barriers on their blind ends, and so did not need such installations).
In the October 1999 nonpartisan blanket primary, Monica was the only Republican in a four-candidate field for St. John the Baptist parish president. Carl "Butch" Baloney of Garyville was the leading candidate with 5,371 votes (35.3 percent). Monica polled 4,480 (29.4 percent). Two other Democrats, Mike Maggiore and Pat McTopy, collectively polled more than a third of the vote. In the general election, Monica topped Baloney, 7,851 votes (55.3 percent) to 6,336 (44.7 percent).
In 2005 Phetus relocated his studio and worked with graffiti artist Richie SEEN. He set up shop in the back of "Tattoo SEEN" in the Throgs Neck section in the Bronx. While working alongside SEEN, Phnetus designed the packaging for Planet6, SEEN's designer toy brand, along with the character development for the Phony Baloney designer toy line. This project led to work with Terminal Press, where Phetus helped create the Phony-Baloney comic book.
Baloney Ballooney's grandson. Bailey Ballooney normally attends Small Top Hills School and only visited JoJo's class on Valentine's Day. JoJo comes up with a special way to make him a valentine in the episode "My Clowny Valentine."
However, in the introduction, Adams describes "God's Debris" as a thought experiment, challenging readers to differentiate its scientifically accepted theories from "creative baloney designed to sound true," and to "Try to figure out what's wrong with the simplest explanation."
Terminal Press has collaborated with The Superfun Company on Toxic Teddies, Seen's Planet6 Studios on Phony-Baloney and Spraycan Monsters, Arrow Productions on Debbie Does Dallas and Nuclear Blast Records on Dimmu Borgir and Exodus.
There are three active (2016) challenges to the LNT model currently being considered by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. One was filed by Nuclear Medicine Professor Carol Marcus of UCLA, who calls the LNT model scientific "baloney".
Tony Juliano (also known as Tony “Baloney” Juliano) (born February 7, 1975) is a satirist painter in New Haven, Connecticut and is affiliated with the international art movement Stuckism.