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Examples of "balsley"
John H. Balsley and Sophia C. Balsley (January 1827–27 September 1905), his wife, are interred in Woodland Cemetery, Dayton, Ohio.
The music video was directed by Bill Balsley and premiered in mid-1989.
Elaine Erickson Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The Meaningful Object, curated by John Balsley 2008
Bill Balsley directed the song's music video, which premiered in early 1988.
The music video was directed by Bill Balsley and premiered in early 1989.
The township contains at least nine cemeteries: Balsley, Center, Hadden, Herbaugh, Leffler, Mills, Roll, Shields, and Schmidt.
Thomas Balsley (born 1943), FASLA, is the founder and principle designer of Thomas Balsley Associates, a New York City-based design firm best known for its fusion of landscape and urbanism in public parks and plazas. Balsley's firm has been active for over 35 years.
Sharbutt was married to Mary C. Balsley, who sang professionally as Meri Bell. They had two sons, Jay Sharbutt and Bill Sharbutt, and a daughter, M.D. Ridge.
He was born in Connellsville, Fayette County, Pennsylvania to George H. and Sarah (Shallenberger) Balsley. His father was also a carpenter.
The final verse also name drops each one of the Statler Brothers, whose membership at the time included Harold Reid, Don Reid, Phil Balsley and Lew DeWitt.
Thomas Balsley was born in 1943 and studied at Syracuse University and then the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. He moved to New York City in 1970, and within a year founded his own firm, Thomas Balsley Associates. In New York City alone, Mr. Balsley has completed more than 100 parks and plazas, most notably Riverside Park South and Gantry Plaza State Park. In addition, to his above ground work, NYC MTA selected his bench design for its transit systems. In a gesture of recognition for is contribution to New York City's public Spaces, Balsley Park, formerly known as Sheffield Plaza, on 9th Avenue between 56th and 57th Streets in New York City, has been renamed in honor of the landscape designer.
As part of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's PlaNYC city planning initiative, the park is slated to be redesigned by landscape architects Thomas Balsley Associates. The landscape architects describe their planned intervention at Soundview Park:
John H. Balsley (May 29, 1823 – March 12, 1895) was a master carpenter and inventor, inventing a practical folding wooden stepladder and receiving the first U.S. patent issued for a safety stepladder.
An odd coincidence is that in the borough of Connellsville in 1825, a new bourough office was created: Keeper of Ladders. The title of Ladder Keeper does not appear after 1831 (although there is a gap in records from 1835-1856). William Balsley, an uncle, was on the town council at the time the office was created. Although none of his family seems to have held this new office, one can only speculate whether it somehow stimulated an interest in ladders on the part of young John. John H. Balsley migrated to Dayton, Ohio before 1850.
The downtown block, which previously consisted of early commercial structures and parking facilities, was cleared in 2007. Construction began in November 2008 and the park was dedicated November 11, 2009 with a public celebration on November 21, 2009.Main Street Garden Park was designed by Thomas Balsley Associates, a NYC-based Landscape Architecture firm.
The group disbanded and retired after completing a farewell tour on October 26, 2002. Balsley and the Reid brothers continue to reside in Staunton, while Fortune relocated to Nashville, where he is continuing his music career as a solo artist. He has released three albums as a soloist. The Statlers remain one of the most awarded acts in the history of country music.
Campbell bought the Goode House hotel, and enlarged it to be the Bellevue Hotel. It had a cement pool and a water wheel and pulley carried the guests' luggage to the third floor. In 1920 it was renamed as the Orange Spot Inn, owned by Harry Balsley of Detroit.
Staunton is home to the Statler Brothers, country music legends who until 1994 performed free concerts at the annual Fourth of July celebration, accompanied by other country music artists. Statler Brothers members Don Reid, Harold Reid, and Phil Balsley grew up and still reside in the city. Lew DeWitt was also a notable member of the Statlers who grew up in Staunton, VA.
Adams was mainly a setup man in his career. Adams threw a fastball around 90 mph (earlier in his career, his fastball reached the mid-90s). He was not afraid to pitch inside and was effective against both right-handed and left-handed batters. "He’s got the fastball inside. He’s got the cutter/slider inside. And he commands the outside of the plate (against right-handed and left-handed batters). The command is good, the stuff is good and the head’s good," said Padres manager Bud Black. Padres pitching coach Darren Balsley attributed Adams’ success against lefties to a hard, inside slider. "It neutralizes them a little bit," Balsley said. "They’re not able to dive out over the plate."
Rojkind Arquitects designed the building from July to December, 2010, and the building was constructed from March to October 2011. The above-ground three stories are clad in a double-layered stainless steel surface fabricated by Zahner. The 30,000m2 department store includes a rooftop recreational park where friends, families, and pets are welcome. Several design firms were involved in various aspects of the project. The interiors were done by FRCH, the rooftop garden by Thomas Balsley and the gourmet space by JHP Design.