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Examples of "balua"
Balua - Tapa Shahpur or commonly known as Balua is a small village located on the north bank of river Ganges, near Birpur in Ghazipur district, Uttar Pradesh.
Canals :Chandraprabha,Mushakhad,Narayanpur Lift Canal.Bhopauli lift canal Balua Canal
India census, Balua had a population of 326 in 56 households. Males constitute 53.37% of the population and females 46.61%. Balua has an average literacy rate of 48.77%, lower than the national average of 74%: male literacy is 57.23%, and female literacy is 42.76%. In Balua, 18.4% of the population is under 6 years of age.
Balua is a village in West Champaran district in the Indian state of Bihar.
Thanas : 16 : Mughalsarai, Alinagar, Balua, Chakiya, Chandauli,Chakarghatta Saiyyadraja,Kandwan, Sakaldeeha, Shahabganj, Baburi, Majhgawan,Dheena, Dhanapur, Naugarh and Mahila Thana.
Thanas : 16 Mughal sarai,Alinagar,Balua,Chakiya,Chandauli,Saiyyadraja,Sakaldeeha,Shahabganj,Baburi,Dheena, Dhanapur, Kandawa, Naugarh, Chakarghatta, Mahila thana and Illiya
Mohimagonj Union is divided into 11 mauzas: Balua, Baman Hazra, Bochadaha, Jagadishpur, Jibanpur, Jirai, Khurda Gopalpur, Kumiradanga, Pantair, Panthamari, and Sreepatipur.
Brahmapur is situated at 25°35'57"N 84°18'5"E It is surrounded by many small villages such as Raghunathpur, Poorawa, Nimej, Balua, Umedpur, Ramgarh, Garahtha, Gayghat. The landscape is very flat with no mountains.
Sonatala Upazila is divided into Sonatala Municipality and seven union parishads: Balua, Digdair, Jorgachha, Madhupur, Pakulla, Sonatala Sadar, and Tekani Chukainagar. The union parishads are subdivided into 94 mauzas and 131 villages.
There are three colleges in the upazila. Government Nazir Akhter College, founded in 1967, is the only public one. A private one is Balua Hat Degree College, founded in 1987. Sonatola Pilot High School,founded in 1907.
Piprasi, Madhubani, Thakrahan and Bhitaha community development blocks; and Valmiki Nagar, Laxmipur Rampurwa, Santpur Soharia, ChampapurGonauli, Naurangia Dardari, Mahuawa Katharawa, Harnatand, Balua Chhatraul, Dewaria Taruanwa, Bharachhi, Belahawa Madanpur, Bakuli Panchgwa, Binwalia Bodhser, Nayagaon Rampur, Mangalpur Ausani, Borawal Narawal, Semra Katkuiya, Yamunapur Tadwalia, Jimari Nautanawa and Dholbajwa Laxmipur gram panchayats of Sidhaw CD Block.
Major Commercial centers are Pirganj, Chatra, Balua, Khalashpir, Vendabari, Motherganjhat is big commercial area and Shanerhat. There are branches of Sonali Bank in Pirganj, Chatra and Khalashpir. There are also branches of Rashahi Krishi Bank in Pirganj, Rupali Bank in Vendabari, Agrani Bank in Shanerhat and Janata Bank in Motherganj.
There is also a government college named Lalit Naryan Mishra Smarak Mahavidyalay on the name of Lalit Narayan Mishra, who was railway minister of India from 1973 to 1975 and who died in 1975 in a bomb blast at Samastipur. His birthplace, Balua, is 13 kilometer towards the south from Birpur.
As per Delimitation of Parliamentary and Assembly constituencies Order, 2008, No 51 Sikti (Vidhan Sabha constituency) is composed of the following: Sikti and Kursakanta community development blocks; Balua Kaliyaganj, Baradbatta, Chouri, Dehti North, Dehti South, Dharamganj, Dighli, Kankhudia, Pipra Bijwar and Chahatpur gram panchayats of Palasi CD Block.
Nearby settlements include In the north of it are small towns like Khoribari, Rampur, Balua afgan & Ghantee bazar in the north, Peokol, Bharauli and Bharthua in the South, Uska, Nonapar, Bharhe Chaura and Sawrezi in the East, and Noonkhar, Pipra-devraj in the West.
After eighteen months in the studio, in September 2005, Zeritu’s self-titled album was released. The album that included songs like ‘Endaygelegne,’ the first single from the album, ‘Athidibigne,’ the youth’s favorite, ‘Deg Abate Kifu Balua,’ a song which was critically praised for its lyricism and Zeritu’s personal favorite ‘Yane,’ became one of the most successful albums in the history of Ethiopian music.
In Africa, there were a number of cults and sects of hemp worship. Pogge and Wissman, during their explorations of 1881, visited the Bashilenge, living on the northern borders of the Lundu, between Sankrua and Balua. They found large plots of land around the villages used for the cultivation of hemp. Originally there were small clubs of hemp smokers, bound by ties of friendship, but these eventually led to the formation of a religious cult. The Bashilenge called themselves "Bena Riamba", "the sons of hemp", and their land Lubuku, meaning friendship. They greeted each other with the expression ""moio"", meaning both "hemp" and "life."
Every winter the haor is home to about 200 types of migratory birds. The haor is an important source of fish. In 1999-2000, the government earned 7,073,184 takas as revenue just from fisheries of the haor. There are more than 140 species of fresh water fish in the haor. The more predominant among them are: ayir, gang magur, baim, tara, gutum, gulsha, tengra, titna, garia, beti, kakia etc. Hijal, karach, gulli, balua, ban tulsi, nalkhagra and other freshwater wetland trees are in this haor.
Ballia is said to have derived its name from Valmiki, the celebrated author of the Ramayana. Another tradition has it that it derived its name from balua (sand) and still another traditional association of the place is with the ancient sage, Bhrigu (the tract also being referred to as Bhrigu Kshetra), who is said to have sojourned here. Thousands of Rishies are said to have performed puja here. A fine temple known as Bhrigu Mandir, contains the idols of Bhrigu & his disciple Dadar Muni.
It was proposed that to facilitate marriage and to curb evil practices associated with the fixing of marriages, the marriage people should be allowed to meet father as well as the prospective grooms so that the marriage could be fixed in front of everyone. The Maharaja of Mithila once again sanctioned this idea and accordingly 14 villages were identified to hold such sabhas: Saurath, Khamgadi, Partapur, Sheohar, Govindpur, Fattepur, Sajhaul, Sukhasaina, Akhrarhi, Hemnagar, Balua, Baruali, Samsaul, and Sahsaula. While Saurath maintains the tradition, all other villages have discontinued holding such Sabha.