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Examples of "bambrough"
Bambrough is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
A memorial in Utah on April 12, 2014 was led by her brother Randall Bambrough. Bambrough urged people to remember L'Wren "As a wonderful terrific person who was highly talented and had a very large heart and brought the best out in people.” Her estranged, adoptive sister Jan Shane was also in attendance. L'Wren Scott's ashes were buried next to her parents, Ivan and Lula Bambrough, near the family home in Ogden, Utah. A final memorial was held for her friends on May 2, 2014, led by Jagger and Randall Bambrough in New York City.
Laura "Luann" Bambrough (April 28, 1964 – March 17, 2014), known professionally as L'Wren Scott, was an American stylist and fashion designer.
Scott was named Laura Bambrough by her Mormon adoptive parents, Ivan and Lula Bambrough, who raised her in Roy, Utah, with two siblings, Jan and Randall, also adoptees. Laura was soon nicknamed "Luann". Known for her tall frame, she had already reached in height by the age of twelve, and would eventually grow to . Because of her height, she had to sew her own clothes. She learned clothing construction, and fabric quality starting at the age of twelve. Luann Bambrough graduated from Roy High School in 1982.
John Renford Bambrough (29 April 1926 – 17 January 1999) was a British philosopher. He was fellow of St John's College, Cambridge from 1950-1999, where he held the positions of Dean (1964–1979) and President (1979–1983).
Cablecasting Limited (CL Systems Limited) was Canada's fifth largest cable television company serving cities in western Canada and some small towns in Ontario. The two major shareholders of the company were David R. Graham, who owned 99.1%, and Noel R. Bambrough who owned 0.1%.
The first police officer of the Essex Constabulary to be killed whilst on active duty was Robert Bambrough, who was drowned in a pond in Hutton by the criminal that he was escorting from Billericay Magistrates Court on 21 November 1850..
In January 2013 Martin signed to a new music publishing deal by Alan Bambrough of Sony/ATV Music Publishing Limited. Martin's would be working on the fourth album from Giuntini Project, the Italian people heavy metal band started in 1988 by guitarist Aldo Giuntini as a solo project. This will be the third album Martin has appeared on. Martin will also appear on releases with Layla Milou and with Veronica Freeman, vocalist with Benedictum.
"A Love Supreme" was chosen as UK Fanzine of the Year by Total Football Magazine on six separate occasions. In 2009 it was again named Fanzine of the Year by UK Pools, as well as Best Premier League Publication (Online). ALS has also been named North East Publication of the Year on two occasions. Prominent contributors include Sobs, Andy Fury, Graham Bambrough, Tom Lynn, Paul Maughan, Graham Laidler, James Hunt, Chris Thompson and Francis Todd Malone. The magazine is edited by Martyn McFadden.
The Selbys moved from Beal when George Selby (1724–1804) bought Twizell House,( not to be confused with Twizell Castle), Addestone, near Bambrough. His son Prideaux John Selby (1789–1867), was an eminent naturalist who improved the Twizell property and sold the Beal estate in 1850. His daughter Lewis Marianne married Charles Bigge (1803–1846) son of Charles William Bigge in 1833. After his death she remarried Robert Luard at Ightham Mote in 1850.
Following L'Wren Scott's sudden death on 17 March in New York City, Mick Jagger, her life partner since 2001, flew to Los Angeles while the rest of the band returned to England. Scott's body was flown to Los Angeles where Jagger and Scott's brother, Randy Bambrough, coordinated an intimate service on 25 March with about 70 people in attendance. All the Australia and New Zealand shows were subsequently postponed with new dates to be scheduled between 25 October and 22 November 2014. Those dates were announced on 15 April 2014 while two new shows were added (1 at the Perth Arena and 1 at Hope Estate, Hunter Valley) along with the originally scheduled shows. There were to be a total of 8 shows in Australia and 1 in New Zealand. The performance on 25 October at the Adelaide Oval was the first be held at the venue since its complete redevelopment.
In addition to its newscasts, WGN-TV also produces other local non-news or topical programs; these include public affairs programs "People to People" (hosted by anchor Micah Materre, covering community events and major local and national news stories from the past week) and "Adelante, Chicago" (hosted by anchor Lourdes Duarte, featuring topical discussions and feature segments focusing on Chicago's Hispanic community), which air bi-weekly on Saturday mornings; and lifestyle program "Chicago's Best" (hosted by Brittney Payton and Elliott Bambrough, focusing on cuisine, attractions and events throughout Chicago). In addition, the station broadcasts several local events including the McDonald's Thanksgiving Parade, and the Mummers Parade in Philadelphia (by arrangement with its MyNetworkTV-affiliated sister station in that market, WPHL-TV); WGN-TV previously held rights to the Bud Billiken Parade from 1978 to 2012, with WLS-TV (which had also been airing the parade since 1984) gaining primary rights to the broadcast beginning in 2013.