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Examples of "banegas"
Banegas is a Spanish/Italian surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Cristina Banegas (born 26 February 1948) is an Argentine actress. She has appeared in more than fifty films since 1965.
Diego Rafecas was born on May 3, 1970 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started studying acting with Cristina Banegas, a well-known Argentine actress, when he was 17. Two years later he debuted as an actor in a play "One Aspect" directed by Banegas and written by Griselda Gambaro.
Allan Banegas (born 4 October 1993) is a Honduran footballer. He represented Honduras in the football competition at the 2016 Summer Olympics.
Hawit is one of six children of Alfredo Hawit and Emilia Banegas. He spend his childhood in El Progreso, Honduras. He is married to María del Carmen Asfura.
The men's Preliminary round singles for the racquetball event took place on 21 July at 10:00 (), Raúl Banegas from Honduras faced Simón Perdomo from Dominican Republic.
Four members of the Gordo criminal gang were arrested in connection with the murder on July 5. Two of them, Gustavo Armando Durán Banegas (23) and Delmer Donael Durán Banegas (21), were apprehended in the Altos de Santa Fe neighborhood of Dos Caminos in Villanueva. In the Brisas del Cacao neighborhood of Lomas del Carmen, José Hernán Díaz Mejía (44) and Ibis Laurent Lara Pereira (24) were taken into custory.
Alfredo Hawit Banegas (born 8 October 1951) is a Honduran lawyer and former footballer. He is the head of the National Autonomous Federation of Football of Honduras and was made the interim head of CONCACAF on 4 June 2011.
The men's Preliminary round doubles for the racquetball event took place on 20 July at 16:00 (), Selvin Cruz and Raúl Banegas from Honduras faced Felipe Camacho and Teobaldo Fumero from Costa Rica.
The first Emmy for best actress for Latin America was won by Argentina's Cristina Banegas for her role in the miniseries "Televisión por la Inclusion". Followed by Brazil's Fernanda Montenegro in 2013.
La vida por Perón (My Life for Perón) is a 2005 Argentine film directed by Sergio Bellotti and starring Belén Blanco, Cristina Banegas, Esteban Lamothe, Luis Ziembrowski, Oscar Alegre, and Jean Pierre Reguerraz.
José Antonio Bottiroli composed 113 works of music: 70 piano works, 23 chamber music works, 8 choral works and 12 symphonic works. His complete works were compiled and catalogued in 2011 by Fabio Banegas. In addition to his musical output he composed 84 poems and diverse poetic writings.
Ex-spouse of actor Emilio Alfaro, she is a friend of the actresses Norma Aleandro, Cristina Banegas, Selva Alemán, singer Piero and writer Alberto Migré. Also, she was a friend of the late actress Bárbara Mujica, with whom she shared several works.
Abandoned by the order of the place, the bishop and historian Francisco Banegas y Galván asked the Holy See to donate the temple for the creation of the cathedral and the seminary, which was authorized and in 1921 the temple was declared a cathedral by Pope Benedict XV, being consecrated in 1931.
Ángel Darío Banegas Leiva (born 22 October 1969 in Santa Bárbara, Honduras) is a Honduran political cartoonist, former reporter, television host and politician. He currently serves as deputy of the National Congress of Honduras representing the Liberal Party of Honduras for Cortés.
Goity admits that some of his plays have not been generally seen with good eyes by Argentine theater critics; such was the case of one play, where he starred alongside Cristina Banegas: the play was so criticized, that the producers and cast decided to make mock promotion of it, telling the public to "come see Argentina's worst criticized play" on their newspaper ads.
The current general public prosecutor of the Honduran state, is the Lawyer Óscar Fernando Chinchilla Banegas, ex Magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice. The Public prosecutor Attach is the Lawyer Rigoberto Cuéllar, ex minister of the Office of Natural Resources and Environment of Honduras. Both were elected on 31 August 2013.
When Roldán, his former girlfriend Yoli, and his close family (except his mother and one of his sisters) moved to the mansion, located in one of Buenos Aires' richest areas, they garnered the hate of many of their neighbors, particularly the Uriarte family, composed of Emilio Uriarte, his wife Chichita Banegas, and their son Facundo Uriarte. Part of the hate was generated because Emilio worked for the company headed by Mercedes Lozada and he wanted to be the company's president; when Tito Roldán basically appeared out of nowhere and became president, this infuriated Emilio. Adding to everything was the fact that both Laisa Roldán (Tito"s transsexual sister) and Chichita Banegas were both television stars who considered themselves divas and were made to compete at the same time slot by their respective television channels.
José Tomás Arita Valle, who signed the arrest warrant for Zelaya, had been vice-minister for foreign affairs in the National Party government of President Ricardo Maduro. José Antonio Gutiérrez Navas, in 1998, spoke at the UN General Assembly, representing the Liberal Party government of Carlos Roberto Flores, at a session to commemorate fifty years of human rights. Oscar Fernando Chinchilla Banegas and Gustavo Enrique Bustillo Palma were National Party alternate members of Congress (2002–2006).
Some of the members who has been part of the company "El Sonido de mi Tierra - The Great Dance of Argentina": musicians: Peteco Carabajal, Los Carabajal, Cuti y Roberto Carabajal, Zamba Quipildor, Roxana Carabajal, Horacio Banegas, Suna Rocha, Leopoldo Federico, Carlos Galvan, Javier Tommasi, Marcelo Tommasi, Quique Ponce, Tony Elias Gallo, Daniel Rubén Gomez, Leandro Ragussa, Matias Rubino and others. Dancer: Charly Morales, Ivanna Carrizzo, Fernando Gimenez, Heber Mallorquin, Sofía Orlando, Culi Gomez, Adrian Bernal, Laura Tilve and others.