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talaud              sangihe              tanimbar              kepulauan              sangir              seram              wetar              yapen              saparua              mentawai              waigeo              siberut              togian              yamdena              misool              sumbawa              enggano              taliabu              lomblen              kangean              kasiruta              buru              lembeh              bawean              bacan              halmahera              calamian              spilornis              ponapensis              sumba              salawati              cicadabird              numfor              manokwari              batanta              sipora              lembata              selayar              luwuk              pangkajene              kabaena              tanahjampea              biaro              kalao              tukangbesi              watubela              celebes              pagai              chaunoproctus              donggala             

Examples of "banggai"
The Banggai language is the main language spoken by the inhabitants of the Banggai Archipelago off the island of Sulawesi.
Pakasua is a village in the island of Banggai in Banggai district, Banggai Islands province of Central Sulawesi. The village is part of the Kokini with its neighbors, Lelang village.
The Banggai regency () is a regency located at the eastern end of Central Sulawesi Province of Indonesia. It makes up a re-established regency ("kabupaten"), created by splitting the existing Banggai regency into this smaller Banggai regency situated on the mainland of Sulawesi (capital, Luwuk) and a new Banggai Islands Regency comprising the offshore islands (capital, Banggai town); the archipelago is separated from mainland Sulawesi by the Peleng Straits ("Selat Peleng").
Some of the smaller islands surrounding Peleng of the Banggai Islands group are Banggai Island, Bowokan, Labobo, Kebongan, Kotudan, Tropettenando, Timpau, Salue Besar, Salue Kecil, Masepe, and Bangkulu.
The Banggai Islands are home to the Banggai cardinalfish, a small endemic tropical cardinal fish with a big mouth which can be found at least in 10 locations.
It is found only on Peleng island, located in the Banggai Islands ("Kepulauan Banggai") off the southeastern coast of Sulawesi, Indonesia.
"Pelargopsis melanorhyncha dichrorhyncha" which is found in the Banggai Islands.
The Banggai Archipelago () is a group of islands, which are located at the far eastern end of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. It makes up a newly established regency ("kabupaten") of Central Sulawesi Province of Indonesia, created by splitting the existing Banggai Regency into a new Banggai Regency situated on the mainland of Sulawesi (capital, Luwuk) and a Banggai Islands Regency comprising the offshore islands (capital, Banggai town). The archipelago is surrounded by the Banda Sea's Gulf of Tolo ("Teluk Tolo"), and the Molucca Sea. The Peleng Straits ("Selat Peleng") separate it from mainland Sulawesi.
3. Proto-Eastern Celebic to Proto-Saluan–Banggai
Banggai may refer to various locations in Indonesia:-
"For the district in Sulawesi, Indonesia see: Banggai Islands Regency"
Banggai Laut Regency is a regency in the province of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. The regency was established on 14 December 2012, having formerly been part of Banggai Islands Regency.
The Banggai fruit dove ("Ptilinopus subgularis") is a species of bird in the family Columbidae. It is endemic to the Banggai Islands. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests. It is threatened by habitat loss.
Peleng is an island off the southeast coast of Sulawesi, Indonesia and is the largest island of the Banggai Islands ("Kepulauan Banggai"). It is surrounded by the Banda Sea and Molucca Sea and has an area of 2,406 km².
Banggai Island has an area of and a population of 37,155 (2010 census).
Luwuk has 3 ethnic groups, there are Saluan, Balantak, and Banggai.
This species is restricted to the Banggai Islands of Indonesia. This species has an extremely limited geographic range (5,500 km²) and small total population size (estimated at 2.4 million). The Banggai cardinalfish is composed of isolated populations concentrated around the shallows of 17 large and 10 small islands within the Banggai Archipelago. A small population also occurs off Central Sulawesi, within Luwuk harbor. One additional population has become established in the Lembeh Strait (North Sulawesi), 400 km north of the natural area of the species distribution, following introduction by aquarium fish traders in 2000. Small populations seen (May 2014) in Secret Bay, north west Bali (Banggai cardinal fish, Secret Bay, Bali)
This species resides in Sulawesi, Sangihe, Banggai (Peleng) and Sula (Mangole).
The Banggai cuscus ("Strigocuscus pelengensis") is a species of marsupial in the family Phalangeridae.
Hypothecla honos is a butterfly in the Lycaenidae family. It is found on Sulawesi and Banggai.