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leucopogon              epacris              incana              preissii              labill              stricta              leptophylla              brownii              pauciflora              squarrosa              subulata              auriculata              ciliata              oblongifolia              spathulata              hookeri              plumosa              atropurpurea              campanulata              drummondii              stenophylla              latifolium              philotheca              virgata              fimbriatum              wahlenbergia              erubescens              recurva              orites              coccinea              magellanica              sessilis              sericeum              ellipticum              pedicellata              pulchellum              diversifolia              vestita              anomalum              nitens              fastigiata              rubida              latifolius              caesia              elatum              brachylaena              truncata              robustum              nitidum              parsonsia             

Examples of "banksii"
Cordyline banksii (forest cabbage tree, tī ngahere) is a monocot tree endemic to New Zealand. The specific epithet "banksii" refers to the 18th-century botanist Joseph Banks.
In 1973, B.C. Stone argued that "F. banksii" should be regarded as a subspecies of "F. baueriana" of Norfolk Island (Stone 1973). Subsequent to this, de Lange et al. (2005:591-592), countered Stone's arguments and retained "F. banksii" as a distinct species because of significant differences from "F. baueriana", including over all growth habit, phyllotaxis, leaf width, vein tessellation, and bract colour (salmon pink to orange in "F. baueriana", white to purplish in "F. banksii").
The alkylresorcinols in "Grevillea banksii" and Grevillea 'Robyn Gordon' are responsible for contact dermatitis.
Turritella banksii is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Turritellidae.
Heteronympha banksii, Banks's brown butterfly, is a medium sized butterfly of the family Nymphalidae found in Australia.
Musa banksii is a species of wild banana (genus "Musa"), native to New Zealand, Samoa, and Queensland.
"Grevillea banksii" is found on the Queensland coast from Ipswich to Byfield National Park. It grows on headlands, ridges and forest.
Pterostylis banksii, commonly known as greenhood or tutukiwi, is an orchid species native to New Zealand. This species is named in honour of Sir Joseph Banks.
"Grevillea banksii" was first described by the botanist Robert Brown, who gave it its epithet in honour of Sir Joseph Banks.
Cultivated widely, "Viola banksii" is at some risk of becoming naturalised in some areas. One such population has been recorded at Mount Donna Buang near Melbourne.
This moss grows on wet basalt and other coastal rock formations. In some areas it is associated with "Campylopus introflexus", "Ceratodon purpureus", "Disphyma australe", and "Astelia banksii".
Chicoreus banksii, common name the Banks' murex, is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Muricidae, the murex snails or rock snails.
A number of hybid cultivars have been produced which have "Grevillea bipinnatifida" as a parent species. These include a number of hybrids with "Grevillea banksii" including:
Kiekie ("Freycinetia banksii") is a densely branched, brittle, woody climber native to New Zealand. It is a member of the screwpalm family Pandanaceae.
Onychoteuthis banksii, the common clubhook squid, is a species of squid in the family Onychoteuthidae. It is the type species of the genus "Onychoteuthis".
Astelia banksii is an evergreen silver-green plant from the beaches of New Zealand. It likes it best in partial shade and in fertile and well-drained soil.
The cultivar, which is a cross between "Grevillea banksii" and an upright glaucous form of "G. bipinnatifida", was registered in 1980 by Mr J.B. Mason.
Eucalyptus banksii, commonly known as the Tenterfield woollybutt, is a tree native to New South Wales and Queensland in eastern Australia.
Streblus banksii, commonly known as the large-leaved milk tree, is a species of plant in the family Moraceae that it endemic to New Zealand.
"C. banksii" is not regarded as threatened. Unlike "C. australis" it seems to be resistant to a disease called "sudden decline", caused by the pathogen "Phytoplasma australiense".