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guihua              guowei              xiaoxuan              jiafu              yunlong              zhixing              yuanhao              qifeng              weicheng              xiaoyang              dayou              jingyu              ningli              yucheng              jixiang              yuping              xiaonan              yanyu              jianlin              yongqing              yanpeng              yihe              wenyi              jiali              xuesong              guoming              yiwen              jiqing              yanping              chengdong              jingyan              xiufeng              yanling              jinrong              jiayi              qingyun              xiaowan              xinyue              jialu              qianli              weiyuan              qinggang              yiyuan              jiming              qingge              jianguo              yunfeng              yuyang              jiaxi              chongren             

Examples of "baohua"
Chang Si is a granddaughter of comedian Chang Baohua.
Liang Baohua (; born November 1945) was CPC Jiangsu Committee Secretary and the province's governor.
On November 3, 2015, Yang Baohua was sentenced 11 years in jail for taking bribes.
In 1940, Yuan Baohua travelled to Yan'an to receive his indoctrination. The next year, he was assigned to the Central Committee. At the end of the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1945, Yuan Baohua was transferred to Manchuria, where he was involved in industrial and economic planning. In June 1985, as a reward for his years of service in the northeast, Yuan Baohua was made President of Renmin University by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, later confirmed by the National People's Congress. He turned 100 in January 2016.
Baohua Station () is a Metro station of Shenzhen Metro Huanzhong Line. It started operations on June 22, 2011. This station is an underground station.
Ren Bishi is a Chinese television series directed by Wang Baohua and starring Wang Jian, Wu Shanshan, Gu Yue, Sun Xiangyu, Wang Wufu, Guo Faceng.
Yuan Baohua (Chinese character: 袁宝华; Pinyin: Yuán Bǎohuá; born January 13, 1916) is a Chinese educator and academic in the field of management. From 1985 to 1991, he was President of Renmin University.
The Ma Gui Baguazhang lineage passed down through Liu Wanchuan is now actively taught around the world in China, Japan, Australia, Norway, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States by current Ma Gui Baguazhang lineage holder Li Baohua.
Located in the old town of Xiguan (), it stretches from Shangjiu Lu () and Xiajiu Lu () in the east to Dishifu Lu () in the west, and traverses Baohua Lu () and Wenchang Lu (), about 1200 meters long with more than 300 shops.
Ulmus chenmoui , commonly known as the Chenmou, or Langya Mountain, Elm, is a small deciduous tree from the more temperate provinces of Anhui and Jiangsu in eastern China, where it is found at elevations below 200 m on the Langya Shan and Baohua Shan mountains.
Chang Baohua () (born 1930, Tianjin) is a retired crosstalk (Xiangsheng) comedian of Manchu ethnicity. He is one of the sixth generation of well-known Chinese crosstalk actors. He authored one hundred and seventy works. Chang was a member of the Communist Party of China and a "first-level" national actor.
Yang Baohua (born September 1947) is a former Chinese politician from Hunan province. He served successively as the party chief of Yueyang, party chief of Changsha, and Vice-Chairman of Hunan People's Political Consultative Conference. He underwent investigation for corruption in 2014.
Over the past century, more than 400 Peking University alumni had become presidents of other major Chinese universities, including former Tsinghua President Luo Jialun, Renmin University President Yuan Baohua, Zhejiang University President Qian Sanqiang, Fudan University President Zhang Zhirang, Nankai University President Teng Weizao, Chinese University of Science and Technology President Guan Weiyan and many others.
Changshou Lu Station () is a station on Line 1 of the Guangzhou Metro that began operations on June28, 1999. It is situated underground at the junction of Changshou Road West () and Baohua Road () in Guangzhou's Liwan District, near the Shangxiajiu shopping area.
Among the many students that Liu Wanchuan directly taught throughout his teaching career, three have been instrumental in keeping the lineage of Ma Gui Baguazhang alive and continuing to this day: Yu Zhiming (1920- ), Fan Yaohua (1934- ), and Li Tao (1943- ). All three have passed on their teachings to fourth generation lineage holder Li Baohua.
Li Baohua (; October 2, 1909 – February 19, 2005) was a People's Republic of China politician. He was born in Laoting County, Hebei Province. He was Communist Party of China Committee Secretary of Anhui Province from 1962 to 1971. He was governor of the People's Bank of China from 1978 to 1982. He was CPPCC Chairman of Guizhou from 1977 to 1979.
Xianlin Campus is located in the northeast of Nanjing, in the Xianlin Universities Town, south of Yangtse River and Qixia Mountain, east of Purple Mountain, and west of Baohua Mountain. The campus is home to undergraduate students and parts of graduate students. It was opened in September 2009. There is the stop of Nanjing University Xianlin Campus on Line 2 of Nanjing Subway, which enables Xianlin and Gulou campus to be connected through subway.
Ma Gui continued to train extremely hard well into his golden years and for sparring was said to favor the triple chuanzhang (spearing palm), another famous technique that Ma Gui perfected. According to Li Baohua, "When Ma Gui was in his 80s he would still train the triple chuanzhang. To Liu Wanchuan, watching from the side, Ma Gui's body looked very light, as if his feet did not even touch the ground."
When Mianning succeeded his father in 1820 and was enthroned as the Daoguang Emperor, he granted Lady Niohuru the posthumous title "Empress Xiaomu". In 1828, there was a leak in the Eastern Qing tombs, resulting in flooding. In the following year, Lady Niohuru's casket was temporarily moved to the Baohua Ravine Hall (寶華峪正殿). In 1835, her casket was transferred to the Muling Mausoleum in the Western Qing tombs.
The town is divided into 9 villages and 1 community, the following areas: Jizhen Community, Lintang Village, Deshen Village, Jiulong Village, Sugu Village, Baohua Village, Xinyuan Village, Yijiang Village, Bajiaoting Village, and Shihuizui Village (集镇社区,林塘村、德慎村、九龙村、苏故村、保华村、新元村、一江村、八角亭村、石灰嘴村).