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Examples of "baraldi"
Angela Baraldi is an Italian actress and rock singer.
Barbara Baraldi is an Italian mystery and fantasy writer.
Baraldi is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Lorenzo Baraldi is an Italian production designer and costume designer.
Gianfranco Baraldi has won 9 times the individual national championship.
Gianfranco Baraldi (Latina, 29 September 1935) is a former Italian middle distance runner.
Baraldi G, Capelli G (1973). Elementi tecnici per il calcolo del costo di esercizio delle macchine agricole. Genio Rurale.
Citizen of Wasteland is the first studio album by Zan Clan, a Swedish glam band. It was released in 1994 by SMC Records. The Zan Clan featured Zinny J. Zan on vocals, Perra Tedeblad on bass, Soren L. Swanson and Christian Baraldi on guitar, and Matthew Baraldi on drums.
Baraldi also worked for directors outside Italy, such as the French director Georges Lautner for the film "Le Guignolo" (1980) or Michael Radford for the film "" (1994).
In the second round, he and Brown defeated Luis Baraldi of Mexico and Eduardo Zuleta of Ecuador, again in straight sets.
Gianfranco Baraldi participated at two editions of the Summer Olympics (1956, 1960), he has 17 caps in national team from 1955 to 1960.
For many years, the president of the school was prima ballerina assoluta Dame Alicia Markova. She was succeeded in 2007 by the composer and theatre producer, Andrew Lloyd Webber. Iain Reid was dean of the schools from 1999 until his retirement in December 2006. He was succeeded by John Baraldi, former chief executive of Riverside Studios,and former director of the East 15 Acting School; Baraldi left the school in early 2009. The current Principal is Jane Harrison, formerly head of drama.
Runner-up: Virtus Sinudyne Bologna (Italy) Terry Driscoll, John Roche, Marco Bonamico, Gianni Bertolotti, Renato Villalta, Carlo Caglieris, Massimo Antonelli, Mario Martini, Marco Baraldi, Mario Porto, Alessandro Goti, Marco Pedrotti, Ugo Govoni, Francesco Cantamessi (Coach: Dan Peterson)
In 1863 Neri-Baraldi married the Austrian-born soprano Antonietta Fricci (1840–1912) and often appeared with her on stage. In his later years he taught singing. Amongst his pupils was the South African soprano, Ada Forrest. He died in Bologna.
For the Cultural Centre of the Alhóndiga Bilbao (Spain) Lorenzo Baraldi was involved in the realisation of the 43 columns of the atrium. The history of the creation of those 43 columns is the topic of a documentary film of 2010.
On 21 January 2011, President Massimo Zanetti and CEO Luca Baraldi, after only 28 days, resigned because of irreconcilable differences with the other personal and financial partners. The new director general is Stefano Pedrelli. For 76 days, the president is Marco Pavignani.
The same year, the famous Brazilian cartoonist Márcio Baraldi invited the band to make the soundtrack of his video game “Roko Loko no Castelo do Ratozinger”, distributed by Rock Brigade magazine. In the same partnership with Márcio, the band re-released the “Capítulo II” record as part of the MP3 Magazine, spreading their music in every newsstand around the country.
The illustrators who worked on the magazine included Fortunino Matania, John Millar Watt, Peter Jackson, John Worsley, Patrick Nicolle, Ron Embleton, Gerry Embleton, C. L. Doughty, Wilf Hardy, Dan Escott, Angus McBride, Oliver Frey, James E. McConnell, Kenneth Lilly, Graham Coton, Ralph Bruce, R. B. Davis, Severino Baraldi and Clive Uptton.
Antonietta Fricci (born Antonie Frietsche) (8 January 1840 – 7 September 1912) was an Austrian-born opera singer known for her performances in leading soprano and mezzo-soprano roles in the opera houses of Europe. She was married to the Italian tenor Pietro Neri-Baraldi from 1863 until his death in 1902.
In 2009 she began working with pianist Lucio Morelli (Gazzè Paola) on his first solo album with musicians and friends including Angela Baraldi, Gianluca Bartolo (Devil's Pan), Gianni Masci (Jolaurlo), Giacomo Fiorenza (I dogs, Colapesce) and Andrea Mancin (Giardini di Miro). In October 2012 she flew to the United States to join Negrita, Subsonica, Mannarino, Mama Marjas and other artists at the Festival HIT WEEK.