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agneta              birgitte              merete              turid              birgitta              gunilla              berit              wenche              vibeke              kirsti              valborg              ylva              stina              gunhild              torgny              lisbet              inger              halvor              kjersti              halvard              vigdis              tonje              bente              rebecka              krister              josefine              dorthe              sigge              birthe              ingvald              jorunn              lillemor              ingunn              thorleif              didrik              ragnhild              lovisa              borghild              gitte              silje              hildur              malene              lindfors              preben              signe              troels              cathrine              mette              anneli              ulla             

Examples of "barbro"
Eventually, the ordeal with Barbro was discovered and she was arrested in Bergen, the village where she was staying. Now the time had come for Barbro and Axel’s trial to take place. Amazingly, the Lensmand’s wife, Fru Heyerdahl, had stepped up for Barbro by giving a great, eloquent speech that moved everyone. The jury was obviously affected by this speech and Barbro and Axel were fully pardoned. Fru Heyerdahl had then gotten Barbro to come work for her.
Barbro is a male/female given name in Scandinavia. The meaning of the name Barbro is 'wild', 'strange', 'foreign'. It may refer to:
Barbro Östlihn (b. 1930 - d. 1995) was a Swedish artist.
Barbro Sachs-Osher (born 21 May 1940 in Stockholm) is the Swedish Consul General in San Francisco and a well-known philanthropist, chairman of the Bernard Osher Foundation and of the Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation.
He was born in Easton, PA, on February 22, 1925. In 1956, he married Barbro Dahlbom.
Lill-Babs (born Barbro Margareta Svensson on 9 March 1938) is a Swedish singer and actress.
Barbro Feltzing (born 1945) is a Swedish Green Party politician, member of the Riksdag 1994–2006.
Barbro Owens-Kirkpatrick (born in Helsinki 1946) is an American diplomat.
Barbro Larsson (born 1931) is a Swedish stage and film actress.
Den Max is a children's book series, written by Barbro Lindgren and illustrated by Eva Eriksson.
He is married to Barbro Sachs-Osher. His sister was the late Marion Sandler.
Lundell were married the first time in 1977 to Barbro Zackrisson
The Bernard Osher Foundation’s executive director is Barbro Osher, Consul General for Sweden in San Francisco.
Barbro Lill Hætta-Jacobsen (born 23 April 1972) is a Norwegian politician for the Labour Party.
He is married to Barbro Strid and they have two daughters.
Barbro was evicted from Fru Heyerdahl’s house after an argument in which Fru discovered that Barbro was often sneaking out to celebrations when she was supposed to be working. Fru was outraged that this was what she got after saving Barbro from the clutches of the law. Barbro daringly returned to Axel but unfortunately, Oline had taken her place in the household while she was away. Oline really doesn’t want to leave the place and asked Axel to call for the doctor as she wasn’t feeling well one night. She criticizes them for trying to evict such a poor, ill woman. Oline had died that night.
Barbro Karin Viola Westerlund Larsson (born 29October 1956), better known as Babben, is a Swedish actress and comedian.
His wife, Barbro Back, is Professor of Information Systems, also at Åbo Akademi University, and he has three children.
Barbro Christina Oborg Ljunggren (born July 3, 1941 in Stockholm) is a Swedish actress. She is married to Sten Ljunggren.
He married Anna Theresia ("Tessan") Andreasson (1890–1964) in 1916. They had four children; Lars, Barbro, Jan and Bo.