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waveski              monoskiing              footstraps              freeriding              snowshoers              wakeskating              snowboarder              kayaker              paddler              kiteboard              monofins              crampons              monoski              snowshoes              skurfing              splitboarding              skierg              sekibune              kneeboarding              snowskating              slacklining              snowboarders              snowboarding              subskimmer              packraft              boardercross              longboarders              wakeboarding              swimfins              bodyboard              hiker              snowshoeing              supinates              raisejumping              toboggans              freeride              sledder              aquajogging              wakeskates              backpacking              waterskis              gaustatoppen              belayer              lampworker              longboarding              snowshoing              hippotherapy              singletrack              kiteboards              valenkis             

Examples of "barefooting"
He is a specialist in the Turkish barefooting photo images.
Apocryphally, somewhere in Texas there is a town ordinance forbidding one to go barefoot without first applying for a permit to do so. Youngstown, Ohio, actually did have an ordinance prohibiting barefooting until it was struck down as unconstitutional.
Barefoot skiing is water skiing behind a motorboat without the use of water skis, commonly referred to as "barefooting". Barefooting requires the skier to travel at higher speeds than conventional water skiing (30-45mph/50-70kmh). The necessary speed required to keep the skier upright varies by the weight of the barefooter and can be approximated by the following formula: (W / 10) + 20, where W is the skier's weight in pounds and the result is in miles per hour. It is an act performed in show skiing, and on its own.
The following is a list of water parks in the world sorted by region. A water park or waterpark is an amusement park that features water play areas, such as water slides, splash pads, spraygrounds (water playgrounds), lazy rivers, wave pools, or other recreational bathing, swimming, and barefooting environments.
A water park or waterpark is an amusement park that features water play areas, such as swimming pools, water slides, splash pads, spraygrounds (water playgrounds), lazy rivers, or other recreational bathing, swimming, and barefooting environments. Water parks in more current states of development may also be equipped with some type of artificial surfing or bodyboarding environment such as a wave pool or FlowRider.
Don Cameron Thomson (born October 14, 1941) is an American water skier and a pioneer in the sport of barefoot skiing. He expanded early barefoot endurance records from 5 to over 30 minutes and introduced new maneuvers to the sport such as doubles barefooting, front to back and back to front turns, and participated in the development of the tumble turn with Terry Vance. Thomson was also a Master's rated 3 event skier, a proponent of water ski technology and of professional show skiing in the United States and Japan. He introduced backward barefooting to show skiing at Cypress Gardens in 1962, and was instrumental in the introduction of carbon fiber in molded skis, and the slalom fin.
Horses were shod with nailed-on horseshoes from the Middle Ages to the present, though well-trained farriers also performed barefoot trimming for horses that did not require the additional protection of shoes. It has become standard practice to shoe most horses in active competition or work. However, there is a growing movement to eliminate shoes on working horses. Advocates of barefooting point out many benefits to keeping horses barefoot and present studies showing that improper shoeing can cause or exacerbate certain hoof ailments in the horse.
While horses have been used without shoes throughout history, the benefits of keeping horses barefoot has recently enjoyed increased popularity. Not only does the horse benefit with a healthier hoof in some cases, it can be less expensive to keep a horse barefoot, and many owners have learned to trim their horses' hooves themselves. As the health and movement benefits of barefooting have become more apparent in horses that have completed transition, horses are being competed barefoot in various sports (including dressage, show jumping, flat racing, steeplechase racing, trail riding and endurance riding).
During this time barefooting began developing in Australia as well. In April 1963, the first national competition was held in Australia, with 38 competitors . The Australians were the first to develop barefoot jumping, one of the three events in modern barefoot competition, as well as pioneer many new tricks. In November 1978, the first world championships were held in Canberra, Australia, where 54 skiers competed for a total of 10 different countries . Australians Brett Wing and Colleen Wilkinson captured the men's and women's titles.
Barefoot water skiing originated in Winter Haven, Florida. According to the Water Ski Hall of Fame, and witnesses of the event, 17-year-old A.G. Hancock became the first person ever to barefoot water ski in 1947. That same year, Richard Downing "Dick" Pope Jr., was the first person ever to be photographed barefooting, stepping off his skis on a training boom alongside the boat. In 1950, the first barefoot competition was held in Cypress Gardens, with Pope and Mexican competitor Emilio Zamudio as the only two known barefooters in the world at the time. The first woman to waterski barefoot was Charlene Zint in 1951.