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Examples of "bareille"
The main rivers are the Royon stream, the stream of La Goutte and the stream of Bareille which will combine to form further down the stream of Les Salles.
The family of β-agonists includes β1-, β2-, and β3-agonists such as clenbuterol, ractopamine, cimaterol, zilpaterol and salbutamol. They possess similar chemical structures with different substituent groups on the phenyl ethanolamines. Due to their significant nutrition redistribution function, β-agonists have been applied in the livestock industry such as pigs and ruminants to reduce carcass fat and increase muscle mass while improving growth rate and feed conversion (Bareille and Faverdin, 1996, Bergen et al., 1989, Byrem et al., 1998, Cardoso and Taveira, 2002, Shook et al., 2009 and Williams et al., 1987). Unfortunately, β-agonists deposited in animal tissues can cause acute poisoning when consumed by humans, particularly in people with symptoms of muscular tremors, cardiac palpitation, nervousness, headache, muscular pain, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, fever and chills (Brambilla et al., 2000). Therefore, the use of β-agonists in animal feeds has been banned in many countries such as the EU and China (Mitchell and Dunnavan, 1998 and Prezelj et al., 2003). There are still illicit usages of β-agonists in animal feeds in many countries.
His early theological studies did not include a good foundation in ecclesiastical history; this defect he sought to make good by private studies. His "Histoire générale de l'Eglise" in four volumes, following the reigns of the popes, appeared in Paris in 1854 (14th ed., 1890). In the following years Darras published a "Histoire de St. Dénis l'Aréopagite, premier évêque de Paris" (Paris, 1863); a "Histoire de Notre Seigneur Jésus-Christ" (Paris, 1864), two volumes, and a "Notice biographique de Mgr. Jager" (Paris, 1868). He collaborated with Collin in the twenty-five volume "Grande Vie des Saints" (Paris, 1873–75). In the meantime he had prepared the material for his chief work: "Histoire de l'Eglise depuis la création", the first twenty-five volumes of which appeared before his death (Paris, 1875–77). They took the narrative up to the twelfth century. After his death, J. Bareille continued the work to the pontificate of Clement VII (volumes XXVI-XXXII, Paris, 1879–84). It was completed by J. Fevre to the pontificate of Leo XIII, inclusive (volumes XXXIII-XLIV, Paris, 1884–1907, with two volumes of Index). For a sharp criticism of it by the Bollandist Charles de Smedt, S.J., see the latter's "Principes de la critique historique" (Liège, 1885), 137 sqq., 285.