Synonyms for barged or Related words with barged

sneaked              snuck              forayed              waded              shoehorned              shapeshifts              sauntered              hustled              careened              slithered              goads              clattered              hurtled              herded              dragooned              woges              trespassed              goaded              blundered              railroaded              parachuted              guilted              limped              strolled              shoved              clambered              guilts              coaxed              foraying              segued              crept              shoves              metamorphosised              dived              goading              cajoled              shapeshifted              bluffed              snowballed              helicoptered              parlayed              segueing              careered              clambers              coaxes              inveigled              reintegrated              delved              lurched              conned             

Examples of "barged"
spur to the pulpmill and barged cars over from Anacortes.)
The individual pieces of the Statue of Liberty were barged down the
Jumpers can be lifted by their team-mates below the waist, but the opposition's jumpers must not be obstructed, barged or pulled down.
This was the only party to have protested and almost barged into the Commonwealth Games Office at Central Delhi protesting against the huge spending by the Govt.
Around 1900, a granite quarry was located on the east side of the lake. Steamboats barged stone across to the west side.
In 1998, Alas barged into NCAA territory with Letran. He immediately captured that year's championship trophy by sweeping the San Sebastian Stags in a best-of-three series.
After the break St Helens piled on the tries before the unstoppable Fa'asavalu charged over for his second, to bring up the half-century as the Frenchmen tired. Toulouse grabbed a late consolation try when Martin Mitchell barged over.
The next day Kumar was taken to hospital and operated for an acute appendicitis, but stated that he was "roughed up by around 40 ASA members who barged into my room."
In the early years, phosphate from the Peace River area was barged to Punta Gorda, or shipped by rail to Port Tampa. Other important ports were later established at Seddon Island, Boca Grande, and Rockport.
In 1981 Engineer Fahredin Nuri started to have his first health eyesight problems. The attempt of familiars to ensure him a more professional medical treatment abroad barged into the indefference and the mental dismiss of the Communist Albanian authorities.
Protests erupted when Basiji militiamen barged into the Jamkaran mosque in Tehran, where reformist Mohammad Khatami was delivering a speech. Protests and clashes with security police occurred in several different cities in Iran.
At the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney a medal was possibly chiselled out of him when he was barged by his competitor Andrea Longo. While Bucher finished the race in fifth place, Longo was later disqualified.
On 4 September 2008 a group of nearly 2500 Hindutva extremists barged into the Tikabali Government High School Relief Camp shouting at the Christian refugees and took away supplies meant for the refugees, while police remained as silent spectators.
When Jack found out his daughter Suzi was taking drugs he barged his way into the Murray's house and cornered Tony. When Tony's mother, Jan tried to restrain Michaelson, he hit her across the face.
The shipping channel is authorized to be at least deep and wide. Where river depths were less than , the shipping channel has been dredged in most places. Dredging and redredging work is ongoing and actual depths vary over time. With a channel about deeper than the Mississippi River system, the Columbia and Snake rivers can float barges twice as heavy. Agricultural products from Idaho and eastern Washington are among the main goods transported by barge on the Snake and Columbia rivers. Grain, mainly wheat, accounts for more than 85% of the cargo barged on the lower Snake River. In 1998, over of grain were barged on the Snake. Before the completion of the lower Snake dams, grain from the region was transported by truck or rail to Columbia River ports around the Tri-Cities. Other products barged on the lower Snake River include peas, lentils, forest products, and petroleum.
On October 15, 1992 a Boeing 727-100 jetliner donated from United Airlines to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry made its final landing at Meigs, on its way to be transported to the museum to become an exhibit. This was notable because Meigs' 3,900 foot runway was considerably shorter than other airfields the aircraft normally used. Still, the lightly loaded jet did not require all of the runway. The 727 was then barged off the airport, prepared for exhibit and further barged to the museum.
Buildings from the Exposition that still stand today (other than the Palace of Fine Arts) include what is now called the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium at Civic Center Plaza and the Japanese Tea house, which was barged down the Bay to Belmont, California and currently operates as a restaurant.
Learning this, O'Rahilly went to Patrick Pearse's school, Scoil √Čanna on Good Friday. He barged into Pearse's study, brandishing his revolver as he announced "Whoever kidnaps me will have to be a quicker shot!" Pearse calmed O'Rahilly, assuring him that Hobson was unharmed, and would be released after the rising began.
The battle over the "Carleton Free Press" started on September 27, 2007, when a team of four forensic accountants hired by CanadaEast News Inc., a media holding company owned by industrial conglomerate J.D. Irving Limited, barged into Langdon's home in Woodstock with a search warrant.
The bridge replaced the old Barber Bridge, built in 1951, which was concrete and had a steel bascule span. This bridge was in constant state of disrepair and was removed, barged out to sea and became a reef. The steel span was purchased by Disney and is in Orlando at the Walt Disney World theme park.