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Examples of "barrado"
Barrado is a municipality located in the province of Cáceres, Extremadura, Spain. According to the 2005 census (INE), the municipality has a population of 507 inhabitants.
Diego Armando Barrado (born 27 February 1981 in Argentina) is an Argentine footballer. He currently plays for Boca Unidos in Argentina. He plays for them in midfield. Manager Player Argentine Marcos Garzia (GARZIAFUTBOL)
When the Jesuit priests took over the missionary work in Bukidnon in 1870’s, Sumilao was already one of the "rancherias" of the Visita of Tagoloan. Regular missionary trips to Sumilao and Linabo were intensified by Fathers Juan Terricarbas and Eusebio Barrado. By 1887, there were 200 Christian residents of the Rancheria de Sumilao.
The moving group was first proposed by J. P. Anosova, and V. V. Orlov in 1990. Anosova and Orlov originally proposed 15 members. In 1999, Barrado y Navascues presented a membership list of 16 stars, and estimated a group age of 200 million years. The membership of the group has not been well-established and varies quite a bit amongst studies.
Sumilao was now under the Residencia de Balingasag. The name "rancheria" was later changed to reduccion de Nuevo Cristianos. By 1891, Mission de Sumilao had 15 "reducciones" with a combined Christian population of 8, 399. The reduccion of Sumilao, however had 11, 340 inhabitants. Father Eusebio Barrado was the missionary curate during that time.
Bical is also known under the synonyms Arinto de Alcobaça, Barrado das Moscas, Bical de Bairrada, Borrado das Moscas (in the Dao), Pintado das Moscas, and Pintado dos Pardais. Bical and Bical Tinto are also used as synonyms for Touriga Nacional.
Barrado spent time in the youth teams of River Plate and Textil Mandiyú and made his professional debut for River in 2000. In 2004 he joined Racing Club de Avellaneda where he excelled in several games. In 2005 he returned to River Plate, but played very little. In 2006 he was signed by Colón de Santa Fe by manager Leonardo Astrada, Barrado's former team mate and manager at River. However, his level again declined.
Almodóvar often casts certain actors in many of his films. Actors who have performed in his films 3 or more times in either lead, supporting or cameo roles include Chus Lampreave (8), Antonio Banderas (7), Carmen Maura (7), Cecilia Roth (7), Rossy de Palma (7), Penélope Cruz (5), Kiti Manver (5), Fabio MacNamara (5), Marisa Paredes (5), Julieta Serrano (5), Eva Siva (5), Lola Dueñas (4), Lupe Barrado (4), Victoria Abril (3) and Javier Cámara (3). Almodóvar is particularly noted for his work with Spanish actresses and they have become affectionately known as "chicas Almodóvar" (Almodóvar women).
It was initially thought that Buonanotte's convalescence would require up to seven months for complete recovery, but he was able to return to the pitch on 17 April 2010, when he replaced Diego Barrado in the second half of a match against Godoy Cruz. River won 2–1 at home. On 30 April, he scored for the first time since his accident, clinching a 2–1 victory against Vélez Sársfield at the Monumental. Later that year, A local prosecutor Carlos Colimedaglia, believes that Buonanotte should be charged with three counts of manslaughter. Buonanotte, himself, says he managed to cope with the accident but revealed the opposition fans shout slurs directed at him, like "murderer".