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Examples of "barrero"
Juan Manuel Barrero Barrero (born 27 June 1980 in Badajoz, Extremadura), known as Juanma, is a Spanish retired footballer who played as a goalkeeper.
Alejandro Barrero Santiago is a Spanish writer (Valladolid, 1993), specialized in fantasy genre novels.
Eusebio Ayala was founded by Governor Carlos Morphi in the year 1770 under the name Barrero Grande. Previously, it was called the San Roque and Barrero Grande. Its current mayor is Mr. Nestor Fabian Delgadillo Diaz, of the NRA, for the period 2006 to 2010.
Between 1987 and 1999, Barrero obtained a total number of 32 caps for the Bolivia national team.
10 End of the century and fear propagation :Publisher Alhulia (1999). Salobreña. Granada. (Prologue by Oscar Barrero Pérez)
Marco Antonio Barrero Jordán (born January 26, 1962 in Santa Cruz de la Sierra) is a Bolivian retired football goalkeeper.
Bolivia: Barrero, Juan Manuel Peña, Óscar Sánchez, Miguel Rimba, Marco Sandy, Julio César Baldivieso, Mauricio Ramos, Cossio, Marco Etcheverry (Paniagua 46’), Jaime Moreno (Ramiro Castilloo 46’), Milton Coimbra
Pablo Ruiz Barrero (born 25 February 1981 in Seville, Andalusia) is a Spanish retired footballer who played as a central defender.
Emilio Muñoz Barrero (born 16 January 1979), simply known as Emilio, is a Spanish footballer who plays for Atlético Mancha Real as a goalkeeper.
Hilario Barrero (born 1948) is a Spanish writer, translator, professor and poet. He also is a columnist with Fifth Column in The New York Times.
El nombre se debe a que la comunidad está ubicada después del río Barrero, lugar donde está establecido el municipio de Los Ríos.
Rodrigo Roman Burgos (born 21 July 1989 in Barrero, Paraguay) is a Paraguayan football defensive midfielder plays for Olimpia on loan from Talleres de Córdoba.
Hilario Barrero has a personal page Public Length 7 days each month. He has a column in the New York Times since July 2006.
Barrero Pérez, Oscar, (1992). “Notas sobre la poesía de Alfonso Vallejo” En Alfonso Vallejo, “Fin de siglo y cunde el miedo” Salobreña. Alhulia, pp. 7–13.
Bolivia: Marco Barrero, Fernando Ochoaizpur, Marco Sandy, Ivan Castillo, Oscar Sanchez, Juan Manuel Pena, Sergio Castillo, Marco Etcheverry, Luis Cristaldo, Jaime Moreno (Juan Berthy 78’), Militon Coimbra
He was born in Toledo, Castile-La Mancha, Spain, in 1948, and he had 7 sibling. In 1976 Barrero publicated his first book: Siete sonetos (Seven Sonnets). In 1978, Barrero left Spain and settled in New York City "to work on poetry". He holds a PhD in Philosophy from the University of New York City. He has taught Spanish at Princeton University. He is currently professor of Spanish at the University of New York City (Borough of Manhattan Community College).
Born in Barrero Guasu (Barrero Grande), Cordillera Department, Paraguay, on August 14, 1875. His parents were Abdón Bordenave and Casimira Ayala, an illiterate teenage girl aged 19, that had endured the hardships of the resident Paraguayan women. He was Juana Concepcion’s father’s brother, Enrique Bordenave, Rosa Elena and Maria Bordenave. He was married to the French Marcelle Durand, with whom he had a son called Roger Ayala Durand.
Santana and Diaz-Barrero (2006) proved another identity relating Pell numbers to squares and showing that the sum of the Pell numbers up to "P" is always a square:
Barrero was diagnosed with lung cancer in March 2015 and died from complications of the disease on February 17, 2016 at the age of 57. His last film role was in "" as the voice of Luke Skywalker.
El Barrero is a corregimiento in Pesé District, Herrera Province, Panama with a population of 1,841 as of 2010. Its population as of 1990 was 1,535; its population as of 2000 was 1,774.