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ashtrays              chinaware              dinnerware              tablewares              paperweights              mugs              houseware              tankards              saucepans              knickknacks              teacups              flatware              jewelries              giftware              teapots              thermoses              tureens              hollowware              stationeries              tablecloths              placemats              serveware              lunchboxes              humidors              storageware              wardrobes              carafes              drinkware              kitchenwares              housewares              snifters              armoires              jewelery              dollhouses              stemware              crocks              cozies              trivets              doilies              colanders              wastebaskets              sundries              furnitures              trinkets              matchboxes              metalware              flagons              corningware              sweetmeats              bathrobes             

Examples of "barware"
In addition to famous china, Wright also designed furniture, textiles, tabletop accessories and barware.
There is also a variety of Dogwitch merchandise, including tee-shirts, posters and barware.
The company also designed OXO's barware line, incorporating the Good Grips technology into drinking paraphernalia.
Barware includes card trays, milk pitchers, jugs, cigarette holders, coasters, cordial glasses, cocktails glasses, decanters, bitters bottles, ice buckets, water goblets, wine glasses, ashtrays, and muddlers.
Bif Bang Pow! is a toy company that makes action figures, bobble heads, prop replicas, journals, barware, drinkware, coasters, license plate frames and tin totes based on licensed properties.
Absinthiana are the accoutrements surrounding the drink absinthe and its preparation. Originally, absinthe was served in standard stemmed wine or water glasses and water was added from a simple carafe. But as its popularity grew so did the variety of implements used, such as specialty glasses and complex brouilleurs. In the period since absinthe was made illegal in the US antique dealers have seen dramatic increases in the prices of these artifacts there. Some absinthe spoons can fetch thousands of dollars. Many 19th century companies used the elaborate barware to advertise their brands. Today many contemporary distilleries are also producing decorative branded barware for the same purpose.
As absinthe has reemerged on the market so has the paraphernalia associated with it. Several companies produce replica absinthiana and several have modernized the traditional designs. Whereas absinthe barware of the 19th century was primarily used as inexpensive promotional items, the modern versions are often cast of silver, or elaborately manufactured to jewelry.
Orrefors glassworks (also known as just Orrefors) is a glassworks in the Swedish village Orrefors in Småland. Orrefors manufactures high-quality crystal glassware and art glass. The range consists of crystal stemware, barware, vases, and sculptures and lighting products in crystal.
The company produces a range of glass pieces, including custom pendants, sconces, chandeliers and accent lighting. Pairpoint also produces barware, candlesticks, bookends, bowls and vases, as well as a line of controlled bubble ball door knobs. Pairpoint products are handmade in the US.
Nambé () manufactures serveware, barware, home décor and gift items. The company was founded in the village of Nambé, a small town outside Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1951. Their signature eight-metal alloy whose major component is aluminum was developed in 1953 by Martin Eden, a former metallurgist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Nisbets supply kitchen products to trade and home users. Their product range covers everything from heavy duty items for bigger catering institutions such as warewashing machines, refrigerators and cooking machines, to smaller items such as beverage machines, blenders and food preparation machines. They also supply ranges of cutlery, crockery, glassware, buffet display, and barware, as well as essential kitchen supplies like knives, utensils, cookware, pastry items, clothing, and furniture.
Competitors are permitted to bring their own barware, tools, and ingredients. Each competitor has 10 minutes to prepare three original cocktails. The first cocktail must use Havana Club rum as its base and the second must use Havana Añejo 7 Años. The third cocktail must be a reinvention of a classic Cuban rum cocktail. While preparing their drinks the participants must be able to hold a conversation and multi-task.
With investments within the United States and globally, The Trump Organization spans a wide variety of industries including real estate, construction, hospitality, entertainment, book and magazine publishing, media, model management, retail, financial services, board game development, food and beverages, business education, online travel, airlines, helicopter air services and beauty pageants. It owns a New York television production company that produces television programs including the reality television program, "The Apprentice". The company also engages in retailing, having at various times sold fashion apparel, jewelry and accessories, books, home furnishings, lighting products, bath textiles and accessories, bedding, home fragrance products, small leather goods, barware, steaks, chocolate bars, and bottled spring water.
The present site allows visitors to enjoy a glass of beer in the original brewpub which features a Tiger Mahogany bar from the 1860s, a Beer Cellar and the Rockefeller Room, named after Standard Oil founder and Clevelander, John D. Rockefeller who was thought to have worked in the building. There is a gift shop selling beer, along with apparel and barware. Tours are available on the weekends. Since its inception, Great Lakes has also served as an incubator for Northeast Ohio brewers, with brewmasters at nearby Market Garden and Goldhorn Brewery in the St. Clair-Superior neighborhood both being alumni of Great Lakes.
Even before syndication, the Gardner characters were a national craze, appearing on studio cards, matchbook covers, barware (including cocktail napkins) and wall decorations. In 1954, Bernad Creations published Gardner's characters on greeting cards, posters and figurines. The most famous of these showed two slacker Nebbishes relaxing with feet on a table and the line, "Next week we've "got" to get organized!" First a greeting card and then a poster, the cartoon was so popular that the gagline soon became a national catchphrase independent of the image.
Gardner was educated at New York's High School of Performing Arts, Carnegie-Mellon University and Antioch College. While a student at Antioch, he began drawing "The Nebbishes". The comic strip was picked up by the "Chicago Tribune" and syndicated to 60-75 major newspapers from 1959 to 1961. Even before syndication, the Gardner characters were a national craze, marketed on statuettes, studio cards, barware (including cocktail napkins), wall decorations and posters. In 1960, after "the balloons were getting larger and larger, and there was hardly any drawing left", he dropped it and began writing plays.
Baccarat received its first royal commission in 1823. This began a lengthy line of commissions for royalty and heads of state throughout the world. In 1855 Baccarat won its first gold medal at the Worlds Fair in Paris. Baccarat first began marking its work with a registered mark in 1860. The mark was a label affixed to the bottom of the work. In the period 1846-1849 Baccarat signed some of their high quality glass millefiori paperweights with the letter B and the year date in a composite cane. A special paperweight dated 1853 was found under the cornerstone of a bomb damaged church in Baccarat when construction recommenced after World War 2. The crystal production expanded its scope throughout this period, and Baccarat built a worldwide reputation for making quality stemware, chandeliers, barware, and perfume bottles.
Donghia was also one of the first in his field to realize the importance of extending his point of view to mass-market products. Donghia said: "I knew that what I had wasn't enough and that my growth had to be through means which weren’t the decorating business." By 1968 Mr. Donghia was already expanding with the establishment of &Vice Versa, a to-the-trade collection and showroom of fabrics and wallcoverings (later to become Donghia Textiles) originally inspired by the designs of friend Seymour Avigdor. Licensing his name and designs played a major role in Angelo Donghia’s success and, concurrently with his interior design work, he began designing a number of products including an award-winning sheet and towel collection for J.P. Stevens, an affordable furniture collection for Kroehler, and coordinated dinner and barware for Toscany Imports Ltd.
Jameson also capitalized on merchandising herself. Since May 2003, she has been appearing on a tall billboard in New York City's Times Square promoting her web site and movies. The first advertisement displayed her wearing only a thong and read "Who Says They Cleaned Up Times Square?" There is a line of sex toys licensed to Doc Johnson, and an "anatomically correct" Jenna Jameson action figure. She stars in her own sex simulation video game, "Virtually Jenna", in which the goal is to bring a 3D model of her to orgasm. Y-Tell, ClubJenna's wireless company, sells Jenna Jameson "moan tones" (telephone ringtones), chat services, and games in partnerships with 20 carriers around the world, mostly in Europe and South America. In 2006, New York City-based Wicked Cow Entertainment started to expand her brand to barware, perfume, handbags, lingerie, and footwear, sold through high end retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Colette boutiques. Her film and merchandising success enabled her to attain her goal of becoming the top porn star in the world.