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Examples of "bassford"
Bassford is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Born in Manhattan, Bassford lived from age three in the Queens neighborhoods of Maspeth, Corona and Whitestone until his marriage in 1961, when he moved to Flushing. In 1975, Bassford settled in Cold Spring, New York.
"Directed and produced by Eric Stange; Co-produced by Kimberlee Bassford"
"Rise of the Wahine", directed by Dean Kaneshiro and "" (2008), directed by Kimberlee Bassford.
Richard Bassford (born 1936) is an American illustrator who has worked in both advertising and comic books.
As described by Christopher Bassford, then professor of strategy at the National War College of the United States:
The illustrator Richard Bassford has long had an interest in Kenny's work and has illustrated Kenny poems in recent years.
In 1998, Bassford transferred to the Army Reserve and was assigned to the 80th Division. Later, he became a battalion commander with the 317th Infantry Regiment and a brigade commander with the 98th Division. In 2013, Bassford was Chief of Staff of the 108th Training Command (Initial Entry Training). He was promoted to the rank of brigadier general in 2014.
Bassford's first work in comics came in 1957 with "What Happened on the Mountain!" for Atlas Comics' "World of Mystery", reprinted in Atlas' "World of Fantasy" #13 (August 1958). At the Wally Wood Studio, Bassford was an artist on Tower Comics' "T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents" almost from the start. Beginning with the second issue, he assisted Wood on the penciling of "Dynamo Battles Dynavac" (reprinted in Tower's "The Terrific Trio" paperback). Bassford, Wood and Dan Adkins teamed on "The Munsters", a comic book adaptation of the 1964-66 CBS television series. Bassford also worked with Gil Kane on "Undersea Agent".
Edward Payson Bassford (1837–1912) was an architect who practiced in St. Paul, Minnesota in the late 19th century. Born in Calais Maine on June 7, 1837, he moved to St. Paul in 1866. He worked in the office of Abraham Radcliffe for a time, then founded his own architectural firm. By the 1870s, Bassford was the busiest architect in St. Paul, working on designs for houses, schools, and many commercial buildings. His firm also employed architects who later were famous in their own right, such as Cass Gilbert, Augustus Gauger, Edward J. Donohue, Silas Jacobson, and Charles Bassford. He died in Osakis, Minnesota on July 20, 1912.
R. Andrew Bassford is a brigadier general in the United States Army Reserve and Deputy Commander of the 88th Regional Support Command at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin.
30-year-old Karen J. Bassford became the first Fairfax County police officer to be killed in the line of duty when she lost control of her police cruiser and crashed on Gallows Road near Vienna while responding to a report of a burglary in progress early on the morning of July 27, 1977. Officer Bassford was ejected from the vehicle in the crash and suffered massive head injuries. She was taken to Fairfax Hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival.
The Walsh Building in Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States, was designed by Edward Bassford in 1888. The Romanesque Revival building has been used as a residence, school, and manufacturing facility. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
As a child, Randall attended schoolrooms taught by Miss Sally Ross, Thomas Bassford and Mr. Curran. He graduated with first honor in his class from St. John's College in Annapolis in 1822, teaching during his junior and senior years.
Notable creators associated with Tower included Wood, Schwartz, Dan Adkins, Gil Kane, Reed Crandall, Steve Ditko, Richard Bassford, Len Brown, Steve Skeates, Larry Ivie, Bill Pearson, Russ Jones, Roger Brand, and Tim Battersby-Brent.
The Art Deco Zoological Building was designed in 1936 by Charles Bassford as part of the federally funded Works Progress Administration. Other WPA structures were completed in the 1930s, including Monkey Island (now Seal Island), barn and bear grotto.
Keegan was also criticised by peers, including Sir Michael Howard and Christopher Bassford for his critical position on Carl von Clausewitz, a Prussian officer and author of "Vom Kriege" ("On War"), one of the basic texts on warfare and military strategy. Keegan was described as "profoundly mistaken" and Bassford stated that "Nothing anywhere in Keegan's work – despite his many diatribes about Clausewitz and 'the Clausewitzians' – reflects any reading whatsoever of Clausewitz's own writings." The political scientist Richard Betts also criticised Keegan's understanding of the political dimensions of war, writing that Keegan was "a naïf about politics."
Over several decades, numerous artists worked at the Wood Studio. Associates and assistants included Dan Adkins, Richard Bassford, Howard Chaykin, Tony Coleman, Nick Cuti, Leo and Diane Dillon, Larry Hama, Russ Jones, Wayne Howard, Paul Kirchner, Joe Orlando, Bill Pearson, Al Sirois, Ralph Reese, Bhob Stewart, Tatjana Wood, and Mike Zeck.
Bassford is the editor of The Clausewitz Homepage, an educational website that focuses on the German military philosopher Carl von Clausewitz. Bassford's own work on Clausewitz concentrates on the evolution of Clausewitz's reception, reputation, and impact in the English-speaking world. He is interested in the relationship between Clausewitzian theory, concepts from the field of nonlinear science, and modern evolutionary theory.
Bassford originally joined the United States Army in 1986. The following year, he completed the Basic, Airborne and Ranger Courses at the United States Army Infantry School and was assigned to the 7th Infantry Division in Germany. Later, he joined the 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment.