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Examples of "batliwalla"
ARY Digital has produced a Pakistani version of the show called "Ghaffar at Dhoraji" featuring a Gujarati family living in Karachi. Sony Television has produced an Indian version of the show called "Batliwalla House No. 43" featuring a Parsee family living in Mumbai.
Writer-trumpeter Late Reginald Fernandes, played for Hal Green, Nelly Batliwalla and her orchestra. Known as ”Romansincho Patxai”, he has written a record number of Konkani novels, nearly 100. A musician of high repute, he has left behind several Konkani compositions, which are played still on All India Radio, one of the well-known ones being the melancholic "Adeus Korchea Vellar" sung by Allan Costa.
Kaikhushru (Kekoo) Minocher Gandhy was born in Bombay on 2 February 1920 to Minocher Gandhy and Roshan Gandhy ("née" Roshan Batliwalla). Kekoo was educated at Bombay's Cathedral and John Connon School, from which he matriculated aged 17, gaining a place at Pembroke College, Cambridge. But after spending summer 1939 in India, Kekoo Gandhy could not return to Cambridge due to the outbreak of World War II. In 1940, Kekoo was appointed Honorary Secretary of the Bombay Art Society, the first Indian to hold the position.