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Examples of "batman_superman"
Episodes of season two originally aired Saturday mornings prior to The New Batman/Superman Adventures.
"DC Universe Presents Batman Superman" was cancelled with Issue 7, due to lack of sales.
The Super-Sons story was republished in "Batman/Superman: Saga of the Super Sons".
Stories that were printed in "DC Universe Presents Batman Superman" were:
A new series titled Batman-Superman was announced by DC Comics in 2013.
Batman/Superman Issues #28-30 were written by Tom Taylor and Robson Rocha.
The DC Universe, or DCU, refers to the shared universe inhabited by Batman, Superman, the Justice League of America, etc.
DC OverPower was also dubbed Batman/Superman OverPower" since all its characters were from these two heroes' storylines.
Episodes of season three originally aired in the Kids WB! block of The New Batman/Superman Adventures.
Robin appears in "Mad" where he tries to appeal to Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman about being called 'Super Friends'.
2. The opening is a parody of the Dukes of Hazards intro with Batman, Superman, and their supporting characters.
DC Universe Presents Batman Superman was part of the UK 'Collector's Edition' line of DC Comics published by Titan Magazines. It was published between September 2007 and March 2008. It reprinted comics from DC Comics from the United States relating to Batman, Superman or the DC Universe in general.
Titan announced that a new comic, simply titled 'Superman' will launch on 30 May 2013. The series lasted 6 issues and was replaced with Batman/Superman.
The specific G.I. Joe Masterpiece Edition concept was later applied by Chronicle Books to other properties, including Batman, Superman, Star Wars and Star Trek.
In Cullen Bunn's "Sorcerer Kings" storyline in Superman/Batman, The Creeper leads an army of Grundymen in a battle with Batman, Superman, and vampire Nina Skorzeny.
In June 2013, Pak began writing "Batman/Superman" for DC Comics. In November 2013, he began writing "Action Comics" with issue number 25.
"The Batman/Superman Hour" premiered on September 14, 1968, featuring Superboy and Superman shorts alongside the adventures of Batman, Robin and Batgirl.
"The Batman/Superman Hour" premiered on September 14, 1968, featuring new two-part Superman segments alongside new Superboy shorts and the adventures of Batman, Robin and Batgirl.
A professed comic book fanatic, Goyer has written or co-written several screenplays based on comic book characters and series, including "Batman", "Superman", "Ghost Rider", and "Blade."
The Bat-Cave was first seen in animation in various episodes of "The Batman/Superman Hour", "Super Friends", and "The New Adventures of Batman". In these cartoons, the Batcomputer is present as usual.