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Examples of "battalions"
In the Austrian Bundesheer all armoured units (Armoured Battalions, Mechanized Infantry Battalions, Artillery Battalions and Mechanized Headquarter Battalions), wear the black beret.
Formations are 10 Independent Armored battalions (GEB), 3 Mechanized Brigades with 19 battalions (RIMZ), 35 Independent Infantry Battalions (BIS), 6 Light security Brigades, 2 Cavalry and 3 Camel Corps battalions (Meharis), 2 Paratroops Brigades (BIP), 2 Airborne battalions (BIAP), 4 Commando battalions and 13 Artillery battalions (GAR), Air defence is included in the Artillery structures and divisions.
Most regiments had two regular battalions, supported by associated battalions from the Territorial Force ('part-time' soldiers) and Reserve Battalions. After the start of the war, many new battalions were raised and called "Service Battalions". Service battalions raised from a single locale were often called "Pals battalions".
In some divisions these battalions are referred to as either brigade troops battalions (BTB) or brigade special troops battalions (BSTB).
The remaining battalions remained in service until 1993 when they merged to form two battalions renamed 1st and 2nd Battalions.
XLVI Motorised Corps was supported by three motorised heavy artillery battalions, a motorised pioneer battalion, a road construction battalion, six bridging columns and two "Luftwaffe" anti-aircraft battalions. XLIX Mountain Corps included two motorised heavy artillery battalions and a road construction battalion. LI Infantry Corps included seven motorised heavy artillery battalions, two assault gun battalions, two motorised pioneer battalions, two bridging battalions, two road construction battalions and twelve bridging columns.
As of 2004, the Kenya Army had five brigades: two infantry, one with three battalions and one with two battalions; one armoured, with three battalions; one independent infantry, with two battalions; and one engineer, with two battalions. In addition, the army included air defence artillery, airborne, and independent air cavalry battalions.
In 1940 the new Army organization foresaw four Carabinieri Battalions, while in 1945 12 Battalions (renamed Mobile Battalions) were re-established, in order to deal with the civil unrest following the end of the civil war, alongside with four Mobile Battalions Groups. The 1945-established Mobile Battalions were equipped, supplied and maintained by the relevant Carabinieri Legion. The Mobile Battalions Groups were:
The 22 battalions consisted of the two regular battalions, the depot battalion, six Territorial Force battalions, nine Service, two Reserve, one Transport and one Labour battalion. 17 of the 22 battalions saw service overseas.
This is a list of pals battalions (or "locally raised battalions") of the British Army during the First World War. Pre-war Territorial Force (T.F.) battalions have not been included, although they too usually recruited from a specific area or occupation. The 69 line infantry regiments formed 142 "locally raised" battalions and 68 "local reserve" battalions. The Guards Regiments and the regiments formed only from T.F. battalions did not form pals battalions.
With the arrival of these reinforcements from France in June 1885, the expanded expeditionary corps was a formidable force on paper. Four Turco battalions, three zouave battalions, two marine infantry battalions, four Foreign Legion battalions, three line infantry battalions, two "zéphyr" battalions and seven Tonkinese Tirailleur battalions, plus supporting artillery, cavalry and engineer units, were grouped into four brigades deployed around the strategic locations in the Delta:
When established in the year 1948, the PFF had 19 battalions of which two battalions were made up of indigenous people. These battalions were known as Senoi Praaq Battalions. One battalion was a Special Security Battalion.
Around 1994, peacekeepers in Transnistria consisted of six airborne battalions supplied by Russia, three infantry battalions supplied by Moldova, and three airborne battalions supplied by the "Dnestr Republic."
Two battalions will be assigned as general light role battalions, with the other two assigned to public duties. These battalions will periodically rotate roles and postings.
"Note: When a regiment is described as having n + n battalions, the first number is regular army battalions, and the second is Army Reserve battalions."
Since spring 2014, Ministry of Defence had formed 32 territorial defence battalions. At the end of 2014, territorial defence battalions were reorganized as motorized infantry battalions.
1st Brigade (HQ Clonmel: 10th, 13th, 21st Battalions), 3rd Brigade (HQ Cork: 4th, 19th, 31st Battalions), 7th Brigade (HQ Limerick: 9th, 12th, 15th Battalions)
Below are galleries of the coats of arms of aviation support battalions (ASBs), combat sustainment support battalions (CSSBs) and brigade support battalions (BSBs).
2nd Brigade (HQ Dublin 2nd, 5th, 11th Battalions), 4th Brigade (HQ Mullingar 6th, 8th, 20th Battalions), 6th Brigade (HQ Dublin 7th, 18th, 22nd Battalions)
Following World War II, the 142nd Field Artillery Group was reorganized in the Arkansas Guard, consisting of 6 battalions, 3 artillery battalions and 3 antiaircraft artillery battalions.