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Examples of "battlecode"
6.147, also known previously as "RoboCraft" and now as "Battlecode" is a computer game AI programming competition. It was originally organized by the MIT ACM/IEEE Club.
As of 2008, Battlecode has been opened up to virtually anyone interested in participating outside of MIT. The competition is a class at MIT and its software has been used for several other classes and projects.
It is held every year during the Independent Activities Period at MIT, and the competition is changed annually. The game consists of armies of autonomous virtual robots battling each other, controlled solely by the AIs written by competition participants. Battlecode is programmed in Java, and the AIs (called "players") are written as extensions of a base robot class.
D. E. Shaw supports educational programs such as Math-M-Addicts (teachers are D. E. Shaw & Co. employees), American Regions Mathematics League, Worldwide Online Olympiad Training (WOOT), United States of America Mathematics Olympiad and the International Mathematics Olympiad, Mathematical Olympiad Program, the MIT 6.370 Battlecode Competition, and The Center for Excellence in Education.
Iba grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts and then attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was there that he teamed up with David Greenspan to win the annual Battlecode programming competition in 2003. Iba and Greenspan would go on to attend the Y Combinator program, where they created AppJet and Etherpad. Iba would go on to become a partner in Y Combinator, and was named "one of the best hackers among the YC alumni".