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likpe              bomwali              muniche              bitare              namuyi              yalaba              mbodomo              ergong              rawng              nzanyi              byep              nyaw              kaao              chuh              giwumirri              tamaha              bwamu              turung              ngiemboon              chuvantsy              gizhe              khiamniungan              zayein              lahta              chaha              vaazh              yekyi              qhichwa              nyawuza              olyk              lahanan              kemezung              birifor              ikri              warji              zhaba              chikashsha              ngurai              kujarra              bangba              wowapi              lakkuchu              khaao              mucoi              matipuhy              bahonsuai              thulung              janjaatiyaa              nguu              chawai             

Examples of "baxoje"
also known as Mashi Manyi ("Soaring High") and Sunge Hka ("White Horse"), was the last native speaker of the Otoe-Missouria dialect of Chiwere (Baxoje-Jiwere-Nyut'chi), a Native American language. He was a member of the Otoe-Missouria Tribe of Indians.
The Chiwere-speaking tribes are descended from the prehistoric Oneota culture. At the time of contact with European explorers, their range covered most of Iowa. The Ho-Chunk ranged primarily east of the Mississippi in southern Wisconsin, the Ioway/Baxoje ranged in northern Iowa, the Otoe in central and southern Iowa, and the Missouria in far southern Iowa.
The Iowa, or Baxoje as they call themselves, Tribe originated in the Great Lakes region. They migrated south and west into Missouri, but were relocated to Kansas under the provisions of the Platte Purchase of 1836. Subsequent treaties in 1854 and 1861 further reduced the Iowa land holdings to the "Diminished Reserve." A band of Iowas left the reservation for Indian Territory beginning in 1878. They became the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma. The bands that stayed became the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska.