Synonyms for bayadera or Related words with bayadera

lieftincki              selys              maclachlani              gynacantha              violovitsh              microgomphus              selysi              macromidia              angulosa              meliscaeva              heliaeschna              distorta              sobrina              disparoneura              kaliella              libellago              denticollis              borneana              biseriata              inornatum              fulvicollis              joiceyi              flavipennis              dysphaea              bicarinata              clavicornis              bispina              improvisa              annulicornis              prolixa              asperrima              laeviceps              atomarius              paukstadt              guttulata              ceylonica              mortonagrion              lirata              oblita              gestro              albomarginatus              fallaciosa              bifasciata              connectens              indolestes              macrochlamys              rhipidolestes              brevipennis              adansoni              waterhousei             

Examples of "bayadera"
Giselle (Deane, Fracci, Jude, Mc Kenzie), Swan Lake (Nurejev, Mc Kenzie, Dowell, Jude), Cinderella (Corder, Stevenson), Romeo and Juliet (Nurejev, Mac Millan, Jude), The Nutcracker (Stevenson, Holmes, Mc Kenzie, Amodio, Deane), Bayadera (Makarova), Etude (Lander), "Onegin" (Cranko), Gaite' Parisienne (Franklin), Les Patineurs (Ashton), Variation for Four (Dolin), The Sleeping Beauty (Hynd, Mac Millan, Wright), Raymonda (Gacio), Don Quijote (Mc Kenzie), Corsaro (Holmes, Khomyakov).
Gynacantha bayadera, Parakeet darner or Small duskhawker, is a species of dragonfly in the family Aeshnidae. It is found from India to South China and northern New Guinea. This is a crepuscular species which probably breeds in forested swamps and marshy areas, or in forest pools.
Хлібний Дар (literally Bread Gift) is a brand of horilka (Ukrainian vodka), first introduced to the market in 2002. It is owned by Баядера Груп (the Bayadera Group), produced in a factory of the Національна горілчана компанія (National Horilka Company) in the village of Степанки in the Cherkasy Oblast of Ukraine. All products from the Хлібний Дар range are made through the distillation of fermented cereal grains, which is the most popular ingredient to produce vodka from in Polish and Ukrainian tradition. According to The Millionaires’ Club report, Хлібний Дар was the third-best-selling brand of vodka in the world in 2011.