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Examples of "be_"
Additionally, they add: be humble, be hospitable, be merciful, be faithful, reconcile, be vigilant, and be reliable.
Some further factive predicates: "know; be sorry that; be proud that; be indifferent that; be glad that; be sad that."
For children in the primary years, this is simplified to "Be Good", "Be Humble", "Be Kind", "Be Honest", "Be Responsible" and "Be Brave and Determined".
Peace be on Earth, peace be on Earth, peace be on Earth, peace be on Earth
Let formula_5 be heat, formula_6 be work, formula_7 be kinetic energy and formula_8 be potential energy.
To Elders be Respectful; To Juniors be Kind; With All Humanity be Harmonious; In all Endeavours be True.
iv) A supplementary participle can be used with verbs expressing passions of the soul, such as "be vexed", "be ashamed", "be pleased", "be happy", "be sorry", "get angry" etc.
Like the indicative, active personal endings may be replaced by passive personal endings. "Porter" can be translated as "Let me be carried" or "May I be carried." Hortatorily, "Portēmur" can be "Let us be carried".
Other similar phrases sometimes used to convey the same meaning, and using the same abbreviations, include "to be ascertained", "to be arranged", "to be adjudicated", "to be done", "to be decided", and "to be declared".
TBD is an abbreviation often meaning in ordinary writing ""to be discussed"" ""to be done"", ""to be defined"", ""to be decided"", ""to be determined"", ""to be deleted"", etc. It may also refer to:
Let formula_74 be the minimum floor from which the egg must be dropped to be broken.
Again, the and -axes can be shifted so and can be taken to be 0. So
In the days that are to be, we'll be good as we can be,
Let C and D be concepts, a and b be individuals, and R be a role.
To be more precise, let be a Lie group, and let be the mapping ,
According to the Constitution of Belize, a person must be at least 18 years old to be elected as a member of the House of Representatives and must be at least 30 to be Speaker of the House. A person must be at least 18 years old to be appointed to the Senate and must be at least 30 to be President or Vice-President of the Senate. As only members of the House of Representatives are eligible to be appointed Prime Minister, the Prime Minister must be at least 18 years old. A person must also be at least 18 years old to be elected to a village council.
Letting the blank be s, '0' be s and '1' be s, the machine would be encoded by the UTM as:
TV Fanatic said "It could be an interesting twist for Amy to stop pretending to be gay and suddenly be pretending to be straight."
For example, Japanese would be considered an OV language, and English would be considered to be VO. A basic sentence demonstrating this would be as follows.
In the following let formula_6 be the number of voters, formula_7 be the number of seats to be filled and formula_8 be some positive integer.