Synonyms for becquigny or Related words with becquigny

ayencourt              doudelainville              fescamps              coingt              coigneux              bussus              vittoncourt              longuevillette              curchy              haverskerque              chaussoy              cizancourt              fouencamps              languimberg              frettecuisse              gratibus              campsart              autheux              assainvillers              ergny              authieule              canchy              hargicourt              naours              remiencourt              nambsheim              ivergny              moyencourt              morisel              donjeux              oissy              tressange              moriville              allichamps              longavesnes              effry              veauville              clasville              hancourt              saulchoix              morgny              vinnemerville              outrebois              seraumont              cottenchy              nabringhen              blangermont              maninghem              marquaix              bernaville             

Examples of "becquigny"
Becquigny may refer to the following places in France:
Becquigny is a commune in the Somme department in Hauts-de-France in northern France.
Becquigny is a commune in the department of Aisne in Hauts-de-France in northern France.
Becquigny is a small village on the left bank of the river Avre. Situated on the D214 road, some southeast of Amiens
The 30th (US) Division on 8 October, assisted by tanks had the 59th Infantry Brigade and one battalion from the 60th Infantry Brigade, leading, attacked northeast, and captured Brancourt-le-Grand and Premont, and reached a line from the Fme de la Piete to the eastern outskirts of Premont. The 6th (GB) Division served on the right, while the 25th (GB) Division was on the left. The 60th Infantry Brigade passed through the 59th on 9 October, and captured Busigny and Becquigny. The next day the division front extended along the western outskirts of Vaux-Andigny, through La Haie-Menneresse, and St. Souplet, to St. Benin.