Synonyms for bellachioma or Related words with bellachioma

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Examples of "bellachioma"
The shoemaker, with his disciple Bellachioma, writes a poem in which he asks to hurry the execution of the two Carbonari, explaining to his pupil that only their deaths may lead the people to consciousness. Then, after appointing Bellachioma as the new Pasquino, he joins a convent to escape Rivarola's persecution. In the meantime, people from the streets assault Castel Sant'Angelo, leading Montanari to believe that they are gonna revolt and set them free, but he soon learns that even his fellow citizens want them dead. The friar meets with Rivarola and asks him to delay the execution, believing that every soul must be saved, but the cardinal just shrugs him off.
Pasquale Bellachioma unfortunate Police Commissioner and bungling, creates a "master stroke" that can finally put it to light before their superiors, but the results of continuous failure. Came to know that his colleagues are looking for a "transvestite", Andrea Ritter, the only witness of some attacks in a head of state of an oil country, decided to precede them. Andrea kidnaps and decides to use it as bait for the killer of the head state. From here a swirl of unpredictable situations, escapes, disguises and trickery. Meanwhile Pasquale begins to be attracted by the "beautiful transvestite" which seems rather a beautiful girl. During a reception in honor of the head of state, Pasquale, thanks to a fortunate series of surrounding, he manages to save the life illustrious personage and to defeat the killer. Finally got some much-needed recognition of the police chief, Pasquale notices be in love with Andrea who claims a woman and not a transvestite. He chases the girl to declare his love but finds her in a toilet for men.