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Examples of "bellido"
María Parado de Bellido District is one of six districts of the province Cangallo in Peru.
Silvia Meseguer Bellido (born 12 March 1989) is a Spanish football midfielder who plays for Atlético Madrid.
Dr. Bellido sampled part of the music in his hit "Señorita" that features also the vocals of Papa Joe.
Gas was born in Mexico City, Mexico. His parents were Ángel Sánchez Bellido and Leonor Gas Murillo.
Now one of the most powerful families in Peru is "Familia Bellido", "Familia Cabrera" and "Familia Gutierrez"
José Antonio Dammert Bellido (August 20, 1917 – September 10, 2008) was a Peruvian bishop of the Roman Catholic Church.
The homeotic-function of certain proteins was first postulated to be that of a "selector" as proposed by Antonio Garcia-Bellido.
Javier Bellido Plaza (born 9 March 1966 in Bilbao, Biscay) is a Spanish retired footballer who played as a central defender.
In 1903, Felix Granda designed the interior furnishings for the new Church of St. Thomas of Canterbury in Avilés, designed by Luis Bellido Gonzalez.
Daniel 'Dani' Peláez Bellido (born 4 April 1986) is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for UC Ceares as a Defensive midfielder.
Bellido was born in Lima, Peru and ordained a priest on December 21, 1946. Bellido was appointed Auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Lima, along with Titular Bishop of Amathus in Palaestina, on April 14, 1958 and ordained bishop May 15, 1958. On March 15, 1962 he was appointed Bishop of Diocese of Cajamarca and would remain in post until his retirement on December 1, 1992.
At age 18, Scott had a son named Steve Bellido (born 1991). He had another son, Jalen Scott Storch (born April 16, 2006), with his on and off girlfriend of 7 years Dalene Daniel.
Antonio García-Bellido ForMemRS (born April 30, 1936 in Madrid) is a Spanish developmental biologist. His ideas and new approaches to the problem of development have been followed and pursued by many researchers worldwide.
The foundation of the temple was started in 1912 on a site that had been occupied by another church that was demolished in 1882 with design by architect Luis Bellido being completed in 1915.
Beginning in 1920, the Vil·la Joana hosted the “Vilajoana School”, a special school whose staff included several prominent faculty, including Dr. Jesús María Bellido, Joan Alzina i Melis, Pere Barnils i Giol, and Joan Llongueres.
A product of Athletic Bilbao's famous Lezama youth academy, Bellido spent the majority of his career at SD Compostela, where he earned the nickname 'The wall of San Lázaro'. Previously, he spent five seasons in the second division with Bilbao Athletic (two years), SD Eibar and Elche CF (two), and started his ten-year spell with the Galicians in the same level.
In the 1997–98 campaign, in spite of "Compos"' relegation from La Liga after four years, Bellido scored seven league goals, second-best in the squad. He retired in June 2001 at the age of 35, after the team's demotion to division three.
Gerónimo Giménez y Bellido (October 10, 1854, Seville – February 19, 1923, Madrid) was a Spanish conductor and composer, who dedicated his career to writing zarzuelas, such as "La tempranica" and "La boda de Luis Alonso". He preferred to spell his first name with a "G", even though it began officially with a "J".
Ambrosio Salazar ordered Cipriano Camacachi and Pablo Bellido to spray with fuel the roofs of the convent to force out the Chileans, who returned fire from the windows of the building. The pregnant woman, a barmaid who was in labor, delivered a child.
Pedro Álvaro Cateriano Bellido (born 26 June 1958) is a Peruvian lawyer and politician, who was Prime Minister of Peru from 2 April 2015 to 28 July 2016. He was previously the Minister of Defense from July 2012 to April 2015.