Synonyms for bellied_seedsnipe or Related words with bellied_seedsnipe

malouinus              throated_robin_irania              cheeked_tit              throated_redstart              attagis              asiatica_zenaida_dove_zenaida              tailed_wheatear_oenanthe_leucopyga              collared_seedeater_sporophila_torqueola              bellied_antbird              tailed_crested_flycatcher              naped_tit              winged_cuckooshrike              backed_mousebird_colius              hodgson_redstart              aurita_mourning              gorgeted_flycatcher              fronted_nunbird              vented_euphonia_euphonia_minuta              lc_rhipidura              euryura              winged_magpie              crested_elaenia_elaenia_albiceps              headed_duck_oxyura              throated_honeyeater              schuettii              striped_woodcreeper              ensipennis              africanus_rüppell_vulture_gyps              monasa_morphoeus              throated_munia              bellied_spinetail              white_winged_redstart              spotted_flufftail_sarothrura_pulchra              fronted_honeyeater              naped_pigeon_columba              dixiphia_pipra              niveogularis              melanozanthos              tipped_dove_leptotila              crowned_pigeon_patagioenas              eyed_parakeet_psittacara              hemprichii_pallas              tailed_hillstar              gutturalis_rufous_tailed              cinnyris_talatala              crowned_hornbill              faced_heron_egretta              bellied_sunbird              bougueri              urochroa             

Examples of "bellied_seedsnipe"
He is commemorated in the name of a number of plants and animals, including the flower "Montiopsis gayana" and the rufous-bellied seedsnipe "Attagis gayi".
The rufous-bellied seedsnipe ("Attagis gayi") is a wader which is a resident breeding bird in the Andes of South America south from Ecuador.
Seedsnipes inhabit a variety of harsh environments, including grasslands, grass steppes, semi-arid deserts and alpine habitats. The rufous-bellied seedsnipe ranges as far up as to the snowline (5500 m).
Rufous-bellied seedsnipe, when on the ground, looks superficially like a partridge in structure and bill shape. It has short legs and long pointed wings, and looks much more like a wader or sandgrouse in flight. It is the largest seedsnipe at in length. A very bulky bird, this species weighs .
The white-bellied seedsnipe ("Attagis malouinus") is a species of bird in the Thinocoridae family. It is found in southwestern Argentina and Tierra del Fuego. It is a vagrant to the Falkland Islands. Its natural habitats are temperate grassland and swamps.