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Examples of "bellignies"
Bellignies is a commune in the Nord department in northern France.
Quarrying ceased in the early 1960s (1962–1965), when the stones extracted were no longer of sufficient quality. Between 1971 and 1978, the quarry was gradually filled with marl from the Bellignies quarry. Since then, the site has been completely recolonized by vegetation through ecological succession, forming tree, shrub and herb layers.
The reserve is located in the valley of the stream ', with an elevation of between . It has an overall north-south gradient of . A mound of accumulated debris, which rises to about above the path ', is located north-west of the site. After quarrying operations ceased, the quarry was filled mainly with the marl of the Bellignies quarry. The area has since been completely recolonized by vegetation through ecological succession.
To the north are present two sites containing a rich biodiversity: the Natura 2000 Belgian area "'" and a ZNIEFF "'". The Bellignies quarry with embankments similar to those which filled "'" is therefore under similar ecological conditions. In the south, the Forêt de Mormal is a major area for biodiversity covered by ZNIEFF and Natura 2000 sites. The railway, unused recently and the stream ' then the river ' provide connection.
The stones used to backfill the quarry are those which underlie the Givetian limestone extracted in the Bellignies quarry. There is "", a coarse shelly limestone, deep gray, yellowish when it outcrops, detrital ferruginous dated to the Lower Cenomanian epoch, a hundred million years ago. There is clay and very glauconitic marl of the Upper Cenomanian stage, enriched by a pebble conglomerate paléozoïc stones. These rocks contain "Praeactinocamax plenus", "Chlamys asper", "Ostrea diluviana" and radiated fossils: "Janira quadricostata", "Cyprina ligeriensis", "Arca mailleana". There is also bluish marl of the Turonian.
In 2001, the site was brought to the attention of the CPIE Bocage de l'Avesnois, pointing out the biodiversity of the new plant life. The association performed the first inventories. In the meantime, she contacted the five owners to consider a land management proposal. The commune of Bavay, the Bellignies quarry (SECAB) and a third owner sold her the property in 2003. The CPIE Bocage de l'Avesnois became the owner / operator of 85 percent of the site. The association implemented the first environmental resources management actions at the site and developed its first environmental management scheme In 2009, the association obtained the agreement establishing the regional nature reserve at the site for a period of 20 years.
In November 1914, after the German occupation of Brussels, Cavell began sheltering British soldiers and funnelling them out of occupied Belgium to the neutral Netherlands. Wounded British and French soldiers as well as Belgian and French civilians of military age were hidden from the Germans and provided with false papers by Prince Reginald de Croy at his château of Bellignies near Mons. From there, they were conducted by various guides to the houses of Cavell, Louis Séverin and others in Brussels; where their hosts would furnish them with money to reach the Dutch frontier and provide them with guides obtained through Philippe Baucq. This placed Cavell in violation of German military law. German authorities became increasingly suspicious of the nurse's actions, which were further fuelled by her outspokenness.