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Examples of "benakis"
The museum's primary home is in the Benakis' house opposite the National Garden on Queen Sofias Avenue and owes its existence to the generosity of Antonis Benakis, whose family lived in Alexandria, Egypt.
The Benakis Phytopathological Institute was one such institution founded through his legacy.
He was born in 1972 in Athens. His father was from Alexandria, Egypt, and from Chios, Greece and his mother was from Lamia, Greece. He is married to Maria Dourida, an academic, with whom he has one daughter. He comes from the Benakis family. He is the son of Antonis Mitarachi. His father's brother, Ioannis Mitarachi was a painter. He is the great-grandson of Meropi Benakis, sister of Emmanouil Benakis.
He moved permanently to Athens in 1926. It is certain that Antonis Benakis, the founder of the Benaki Museum, was influenced by the example of his father Emmanuel Benakis (1843–1929), and the great statesman Eleftherios Venizelos (1864–1936), a close friend and colleague.
Panagiotis Benakis (; ca. 17001771) was a Greek notable of Kalamata in the 18th century, during the Ottoman rule over Greece.
Delta was born in Alexandria, in the Khedivate of Egypt, to Virginia (née Choremi) and the wealthy cotton merchant Emmanuel Benakis. She was the third of six children, her two older siblings being Alexandra and Antonis Benakis, whose Tom Sawyer-like mischiefs she immortalized in her book "Trellantonis"; her younger siblings were Constantine, who died at the age of two, Alexander, and Argine.
In 1931, the Benakis donated the family's house in Athens and their collection of more than 37,000 Islamic and Byzantine objects. More than 9,000 artifacts were added by the 1970s, which spurred donations from other sources. Benakis remained active in the museum until his death in 1954.
Daskalogiannis knew Emmanouil Benakis at Mani and it is likely that Benakis introduced him to Count Orlov who Catherine the Great had sent to the Peloponnese in 1769 to instigate a revolt there. Many men from Sfakia also participated in the revolt which Orlov instigated in the Peloponnese.
The Benaki Museum, established and endowed in 1930 by Antonis Benakis in memory of his father Emmanuel Benakis, is housed in the Benakis family mansion in downtown Athens, Greece. The museum houses Greek works of art from the prehistorical to the modern times, an extensive collection of Asian art, hosts periodic exhibitions and maintains a state-of-the-art restoration and conservation workshop. Although the museum initially housed a collection that included Islamic art, Chinese porcelain and exhibits on toys, its 2000 re-opening led to the creation of satellite museums that focused on specific collections, allowing the main museum to focus on Greek culture over the span of the country's history.
Emmanouil Benakis (; 1843 in Ermoupoli, Syros – June 20, 1929 in Kifisia) was a Greek merchant and politician, considered a national benefactor of Greece.
Benakis was a member of the World Scout Committee of the World Organization of the Scout Movement from 1949 until 1951.
Antonis Benakis (Greek: Αντώνης Μπενάκης) (1873–1954) was a Greek art collector and the founder of the Benaki Museum in Athens, Greece, the son of politician and magnate Emmanuel Benakis and the brother of author Penelope Delta. He is the hero of Delta's book ""Trellantonis"" (Crazy Antony), a literary account of the sundry, mischievous adventures of children growing up in Alexandria, Egypt, in the early 20th century.
In 1926 the Greek-American Evripides Kehayas, president of Standard Commercial Tobacco Co., offered $100,000 to the College. In January 1927, a "Board of Trustees of Athens College in Greece" was founded at New York. The same year, Emmanuel Benakis offered to the College another $100,000 to buy land at Psychico, suburbs of Athens. Later, Benakis and Delta offered a huge supplement of $500,000. Other Greek personalities, as Eleftherios Venizelos, provided more funds. A new building began to be constructed in March 1927.
After studying in England, Benakis emigrated to Alexandria, Egypt, where he worked for the Greek cotton industrialist Horemi and in whose family he married. He had six children, among whom were the writer Penelope Delta and the art collector Antonis Benakis. He accumulated a considerable fortune. As a close friend of Eleftherios Venizelos, he was elected to the Hellenic Parliament and served as Minister of Agriculture and Industry. He was elected mayor of the city of Athens in 1914.
Linos G. Benakis (; born January 31, 1928 in Corfu) is a Greek historian of philosophy, University Professor and researcher. His wife is the law professor, politician and academician Anna Psarouda-Benaki.
Athens College was established in 1925 by a group of enlightened Greeks (Emmanuel Benakis and Stephanos Delta among them) with the support of American philhellenes, including Dr. Bert Hodge, Director of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.
The Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports awarded Linos Benakis the State Prize for Literary Translation 2013, Translation from the Ancient Greek into Modern Greek Literature, for the book ""Iamblichus, the Exhortation to Philosophy"" published by the Academy of Athens.
The Founding Committee of Athens College, which became its board of directors, was organized in May 1924. Its members were Epaminondas Charilaos, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bert Hodge Hill, Director of the American School of Classical Studies, Stephanos Delta, retired businessman and treasurer of the Refugee Settlement Commission, Stavros Papadakis, YMCA. secretary, Emmanuel Benakis, retired businessman, former Minister and former Mayor of Athens, Petros Calligas, former Minister, Harold Jacquith, Director of the Near East Relief, Nicolas Kyriakides, shipowner. Later, Emmanuel Benakis who has been a major donator for the College, was named emeritus member and was replaced at the Committee by his son Antonios.
During his own lifetime Benakis donated the museum that he created to the Greek state, now the world-renowned Benaki Museum. Of equal importance was his continuous involvement, until his death, in enriching and improving the organisation of the museum’s holdings, and his role in ensuring its financial security.
As a researcher he is engaged in the area of authentic “Entexno” Greek popular music. At the same time he is also active in composing verses, and had his verses set to music by important Greek composers such as Joseph Benakis and Chrysanthos Mouzakitis in a number of their works..