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Examples of "benech"
The museum was designed by Atelier à Kiko and the garden by landscape architect Louis Benech.
Lino Benech (born 15 October 1947) is a former Uruguayan cyclist. He competed in the team time trial at the 1972 Summer Olympics.
In the beginning of the 21st century, French landscape architects Pascal Cribier and Louis Benech have been working to restore some of the early features of the garden André Le Nôtre.
The garden is the result of an invited international competition that occurred from August to October 2000. Following the contest the garden was commissioned in October 2000 and completed in June 2004. Among the entrants in the competition were Louis Benech, Dan Kiley, George Hargreaves, Jeffrey Mendoza and Michael Van Valkenburgh.
The change of use for the existing building, a Provençal country house that is typical of the local architecture, requires a re-design which will be conducted by architect Marc Barani. The Carmignac Foundation commissioned landscape architect Louis Benech for the design of the gardens.
In 2004, two French researchers, Etienne Le Coarer from Joseph Fourier University and Pierre Benech from INP Grenoble, coupled sensing elements to the evanescent part of stationary waves within a single-mode waveguide. In 2007, those two researchers reported a near-field method to probe the interferogram within a waveguide. The first SWIFTS-based spectrometers appeared in 2011 based on a SWIFTS linear configuration.
In May 2015, Jean-Michel Othoniel revealed "Les Belles Danses", three sculptures installed on the ponds of the new Water Theatre grove created by the landscape designer Louis Benech. The design was inspired by a dance script that the artist found in Raoul Auger Feuillet’s book "Choregraphie, ou, L’art de décrire la dance, par caracteres, figures, et signes démonstratifs" (1700). It will be the first permanent commission in the gardens of the Palace since Louis XVI.
Landscape architect Louis Benech has been his partner since 1997. Louboutin and his partner spend time between their homes in Paris's 1st arrondissement, a fisherman's cottage in Lisbon, a palace in Aleppo, a houseboat on the Nile christened "Dahabibi-my love boat", and a house in Luxor. The Luxor domicile is a former craftsman's workshop, made of earthen bricks, to which he has added an additional floor and a rooftop belvedere. Additionally, he shares a 13th-century castle in the Vendée with his business partner Bruno Chamberlain.
In July 2000, the president of the Swiss airline Crossair met with Moldovan President, Petru Lucinschi and expressed readiness to extend the partnership with the state-owned Air Moldova, and to take part in the privatization of the Air Moldova. The Moldovan government was also negotiating with Swiss-based Militzer & Münch about a concession to run the Moldovan National Railroad Company. Alain Benech of the Secretariat for Economy of the Switzerland Foreign Department stated in an interview that there were many opportunities for Swiss business in Moldova.
Goman, Nicolas Regnier, and Gilles Bénech were ex-slave leaders of the Platons insurrections of 1792-93. Subsequently, Goman became a company captain in the Third Regiment of the legion, though Goman proved to be a chronic deserter. After the civil war, Goman returned to his former master's plantation, again becoming a maroon after the French arrival. He met Jean Panier, and became the leader of his band after Panier's death, joining with Benech and Regnier still later. In 1803, Goman and Regnier had devised a plan of attack against Tiburon, assisted by plantation workers, who had deserted in large numbers, joining the insurrection. They were aided by mulatto officers of the French army.
On 5 April, the LFP announced that the Direction Nationale de l’Arbitrage (DNA) () had confirmed referee Hervé Piccirillo of Île-de-France would officiate the 2012 Coupe de France final. Piccirillo, a Fédéral F1 referee, the highest designation given to a referee in France, has officiated matches in the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, international friendlies, and qualifiers for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. He presided over five matches involving either of the two teams this season; four matches for Lyon and one for Quevilly. Lyon won two of the four matches, drew one, and were defeated in the other. On 21 January 2012, Piccirillo presided over Quevilly's 1–0 win over Angers in the Round of 32 of this year's Coupe de France. He was assisted by Fredjy Harchay and David Benech, both of Île-de-France. Bartolomeu Varela of Brittany served as the fourth official.
Bertrand Barabi (Henri Guybet) is a French teacher and deputy supervisor in a school in province. He attended the literary circles of his city and he is despised by his students as the teachers of the institution. Bertrand Barabi lives for the sake of miss Thuillier, professor of French. Dominique Benech (Claude Jade), his lonely neighbor, piano teacher and mother of one of his pupils, who has tender feelings for him, asks him to tutor her son Michel (Mathieu Vermesh). Excited after reading a text by Bertrand, Dominique encourages him to write the novel “Le Pion” (The Pawn). Bertrand continues writing his novel he soon sends to a Parisian publisher. The book is acclaimed. With his pseudonym, Bertrand remains anonymous, but journalists are quick to reveal the identity of the "Prix Goncourt". However, success does not turn the head of Bertrand. And with the help of his students he even ridicules those who wronged him, before rejoining the discrete and tender Dominique who awaits.