Synonyms for benefit or Related words with benefit

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Examples of "benefit"
Applicants who successfully apply for a passported benefit along with their Housing Benefit have a calendar month to return the Housing Benefit form, from the date of application to the passported benefit. If the form is returned within one month of that date benefit starts from the Monday after the start date of the passported benefit - even if that benefit is backdated.
If the insured person dies before the benefit period is over, the remaining benefit account is paid to the family or beneficiary as a final expense payment. When the benefit is spent down, the person is still eligible for Medicaid. All benefit accounts reserve either five percent of the death benefit or $5,000 (whichever is less) to provide a funeral benefit payment to the account’s beneficiary. These Benefit Plans can be funded through companies such as Life Care Funding and The Lifeline.
The spousal "survivor benefit" is the full PIA benefit of the working spouse (reduced if the deceased was receiving a reduced benefit) or their own benefit, whichever is higher.
In economics, benefit incidence refers to the availability of a benefit. In the United States, the benefit incidence is calculated by the National Compensation Survey (NCS).
Clopidogrel's benefit is primarily in those who smoke cigarettes (25% benefit), with only slight (8%) benefit in those who do not smoke cigarettes.
In July 2013, the Unemployment Benefit was renamed "Jobseeker Support", and also incorporated those on the Sickness Benefit and Domestic Purposes Benefit - Women Alone, and those on the Domestic Purposes Benefit - Sole Parent and Widow's Benefit where their youngest child is aged 14 and over.
The bicycle benefit differs from the transit and parking benefit in a few ways:
The parking benefit is the only carpool related benefit in the statute.
Target benefit plans are defined contribution plans made to match (or resemble) defined benefit plans.
A marginal benefit is a benefit (howsoever ranked or measured) associated with a marginal change.
When participating in a defined benefit pension plan, an employer/sponsor promises to pay the employees/members a specific benefit for life beginning at retirement. The benefit is calculated in advance using a formula based on age, earnings, and years of service. In the United States, the maximum retirement benefit permitted in 2014 under a defined benefit plan is $210,000 (up from $205,000 in 2013). Defined benefit pension plans in the U.S. currently do not have contribution limits.
Proponents of cash balance plans advocate that these plans do not violate the age discrimination statutes applicable to defined benefit-pension plans. The statutes forbid – in virtually the same words – any plan from reducing "the rate of benefit accrual" for any worker on account "of the attainment of any age". Although the Code defines the "accrued benefit" for any worker covered by defined-benefit plans as "expressed in the form of an annual benefit commencing at normal retirement age" and defines "normal retirement benefit" as the "greater of the early retirement benefit under the plan, or the benefit under the plan commencing at normal retirement age", the supporters of such cash balance plans still argue that the terms "accrued benefit" and "rate of benefit accrual" are ambiguous or undefined.
Under the definition of accrued benefit under Code §411(a)(7)(A)(ii) in the case of a plan that is not a defined benefit plan, [the term accrued benefit] means the balance [in] the employee’s [individual] account. On the other hand, for defined-benefit plans, Section §411(a)(7)(A)(i) states that "accrued benefit" means "the employee’s [] annual benefit" as it is "determined under the plan … expressed in the form of an … [annuity] … commencing at normal retirement age." Finally, the Code’s definition for defined benefit plans are all plans that are not defined contribution plans.
Further, plaintiff argues that the investigation benefit was a general benefit, because the intended beneficiaries were the properties downstream.
A cost-benefit analysis of the development project from April 2010 provided a cost-benefit ratio of 4.2.
One of the nation’s largest pharmacy benefit managers, Express Scripts, identifies the core duties of a pharmacy benefit manager as:
In 1976 Invalid Care Allowance was introduced - the first benefit for carers and still the only benefit specifically for carers.
For claimants not on a "passported benefit", the concept of a benefit week is particularly important as benefit will only be paid from the start of a tenancy if the form is requested on the same benefit week as moving in. In all other cases for tenants not on a passported benefit, Housing Benefit will start only from the Monday after the form was requested. If the form is returned within a month of request, otherwise benefit is payable from the Monday after the council receives it.
The TRF benefit consists of two parts: the monthly pension benefit and the Annuity Savings Account (ASA).
A small study of paroxetine found some benefit. Another small trial found benefit with L -5-hydroxytryptophan (L -5-HTP).