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merete              berit              vibeke              gitte              cathrine              birgitte              malene              turid              kjersti              rikke              dorthe              josefine              annelie              wenche              mariann              lisbet              birthe              kirsti              ingunn              halvard              hanne              mette              helle              torgny              stina              gunilla              birgitta              barbro              ingvild              agneta              dorte              rebecka              pirjo              toralf              vigdis              tonje              gunhild              lisbeth              hald              maarit              jorunn              kajsa              juul              maren              rolv              sveinung              marit              anette              josefin              elsebeth             

Examples of "bente"
Enekaer has one fine stallion named Junker that Munk hoped could win the 15,000 Kroner prize at the trotting derby. But Willers had ruined Junker's nerves. Ole and Bente care for Junker and he regains strength and speed. Ole falls in love with Bente and proposes. They marry but the marriage is uneasy because Bente feels that Ole married her out of charity. One day Zita Munk returns but Ole and Bente refuse her admittance to Enekaer. They are called into court because Zita possesses Munk life insurance which gives her financial control of Enekaer. The court gives Ole and Bente a brief time to raise the money or give up the farm.
Several windmills are located in Dalen, including De Bente Windmill.
Bente Skari née Martinsen married Geir Skari in 1999
The book was made into a film in 1988, directed by Bente Erichsen.
By his mistress Frederikke Dannemand (Bente Mortensdatter Andersen (Rafsted)), King Frederick VI had the following children:
Norwegian singer Bente Lind also recorded a Norwegian version of the song in 1983.
Bente Engesland (born 5 April 1962) is a Norwegian magazine editor.
He won the Holmenkollen medal in 2001 (shared with Adam Małysz and Bente Skari).
Bente Elin Lilleøkseth (born 25 September 1974) is a Norwegian politician for the Labour Party.
Several female players have come out as homosexual, including Bente Nordby and Linda Medalen.
Bente was the third Mary to be eliminated in the Results show on Sunday
The streams of Bente Branch and Spring Branch run through this township.
Bente Stein Mathisen (born 1 February 1956) is a Norwegian politician for the Conservative Party.
Johan married Bente (née Blichmann) in 1949. They would have three sons.
Bente Øyan Sveum, formerly named Bjørnstad (born 4 December 1945) is a Norwegian politician for the Progress Party.
He had five children with Bente Ording Eriksen, including Beate Eriksen (born 1960), who became an actress and film director.
In 2006 actress Bente Børsum performed a monologue based on the life of her mother Lise, at Cafeteatret in Oslo.
Dalum Jensen's partner is the Norwegian goalkeeper Bente Nordby, whom she played alongside at Asker, Djurgårdens and Lyon.
”Amatørens rum. I ’Kunst af Lyst’ ”, red. Bente Schindel, printed in Kulturelle Samråd i Danmark, (København, 2005) p. 47-61.
Bente is a former civil parish in the municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão in the Minho region, Portugal. In 2013, the parish merged into the new parish Carreira e Bente. Its surface area is 1.30 km² and its population, in 2001, was 959.