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hirtella              calcicola              calycina              brassii              brevifolium              ovatum              capitellata              laxiflora              hexandra              labill              radlk              philotheca              ehretia              lycioides              platycarpa              austrostipa              lepidota              colorata              peduncularis              grewia              glabrescens              amoenum              vestita              campanulata              mucronata              glandulifera              ellipticum              sessiliflora              weinmannia              uniflora              puberula              randia              wahlenbergia              caffra              salisb              plumosa              spathulata              cymosa              macbr              dielsii              leucopogon              calyculata              caespitosa              parviflorus              baeckea              diplolaena              meliosma              oblongifolia              anomalum              stipularis             

Examples of "benthamii"
Lupinus benthamii is a species of lupine known by the common name spider lupine.
Quercus benthamii is a species of plant in the Fagaceae family.
The larvae have been recorded feeding on "Dalbergia benthamii" in Hong Kong.
The larvae feed on a various plants, including "Gastrolobium microcarpum", "Daviesia divaricata", "Daviesia benthamii", "Acacia rostellifera" and "Acacia saligna".
A fast-growing and adaptable tree in cultivation, "Eucalyptus benthamii" is being investigated in South Africa and South America for pulpwood plantations.
Tylophora benthamii, commonly known as coast tylophora, is a vine in the dogbane family. It was previously known as "T. floribunda".
However, Missouri Botanical Gardens claims it is a synonym of Pseudogynoxys benthamii, which claims is on the IUCN Red List but a search there does not support this.
Recorded food plants include "Archontophoenix alexandrae", "Wodyetia bifurcata", "Ptychosperma elegans", "Archontophoenix cunninghamiana", "Livistona australis", "Livistona benthamii", "Livistona nitida", "Livistona muelleri", "Livistona mariae", "Livistona drudei" and "Livistona decipiens".
Amyema benthamii, known in the Bardi language as nyilinyil, is a species of flowering plant, an epiphytic hemiparasitic plant of the family Loranthaceae native to northern Australia.
Noteworthy specimens include a magnificent "Jubaea spectabilis", as well as very fine specimens of "Arbutus xalapensis", "Agathis robusta", "Cupressus macrocarpa", "Eucalyptus benthamii", "Melaleuca linariifolia", and "Taxodium mucronatum".
"Lupinus benthamii" is a hairy annual herb growing tall. Each palmate leaf is made up of 7 to 10 leaflets each up to long. They are narrow and linear in shape, just a few millimeters wide.
Utricularia benthamii is a terrestrial carnivorous plant that belongs to the genus "Utricularia" (family Lentibulariaceae). It is endemic to Western Australia and is found southwest of Lake Muir, Manjimup, and Bridgetown.
Acacia benthamii is a shrub of the genus "Acacia" and the subgenus "Plurinerves". It is native to an area along the west coast in the Peel region of Western Australia.
Slightly higher up there are early succession trees such as "Acosmium nitens", "Buchenavia macrophylla", "Cecropia latiloba", "Crateva benthamii", "Ficus anthelminthica", "Machaerium leiophyllum", "Macrolobium angustifolium", "Piranhea trifoliata", "Pseudobombax munguba" and "Tabebuia barbata".
Xylomelum benthamii is a plant in the woody pear genus of the Proteaceae family. It was formerly considered a variety of "Xylomelum pyriforme". It is native to south-eastern Queensland, Australia, and was described from material collected on 25 June 1829 on the Brisbane River some 140 km north-west of what is now Brisbane, the state capital. It was mistakenly linked with the name "Xylomelum salicinum" (Meisn.) Benth., and was given the replacement name "X. benthamii" in 2007 by A.E. Orchard, with the specific epithet honouring botanist George Bentham.
"Eucalyptus benthamii" grows as a tall tree to high, with a trunk diameter attaining . The bark is smooth and white, and peels away in ribbons. The white flowerheads are arranged in groups of seven and appear in autumn from March to May.
The sanctuary is reputed to have many high value medicinal and aromatic plant species, of which 22 species are rare and endangered. Aconitum balfourii, Angelica glauca, Arnebia benthamii, Artemisia maritima, Bergenia stracheyi, and Dactylorhiza hatagirea are among the threatened medicinal plant species of the sanctuary.
The larvae feed on a wide range of plants, including "Cassia artemisioides", "Cassia nemophila", "Daviesia benthamii", and the "Acacia" species: "A. acuminata", "A. anceps", "A. aneura", "A. dealbata", "A. deanei", "A. harpophylla", "A. mearnsii", "A. parramattensis", "A. pendula", "A. pycnantha", "A. rubida", "A. saligna" and "A. victoriae".
The species of trees are represented by some of the following: Pinus teocote and Pinus rudis; Abies, particularly Abies religiosa; Quercus, particularly Quercus laurina, Quercus affinis, Quercus rugosa, Quercus glandulosa, and Quercus mexicana.. Of Cupressus, "Cupressus lusitanica" and "Cupressus" benthamii are featured. Also observed is species of "Juniperus monticola" that forms groups of thickets.
Livistona benthamii is a species of palm. This species is natural distribution is from Cape York to the Archer River in Queensland, the Northern Territory and New Guinea. It is a solitary palm found in open forest near areas that are annually inundated. An example may be seen on the Freshwater lake Walk at the Cairns aka. Flecker Botanical Garden.