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Examples of "benzodioxole"
1,3-Benzodioxole can be synthesized from catechol with disubstituted halomethanes.
1,3-Benzodioxole (1,2-methylenedioxybenzene) is an organic compound with the formula CHOCH. The compound is classified as benzene derivative and a heterocyclic compound containing the methylenedioxy functional group. It is a colorless liquid.
3,4-Ethylidenedioxyamphetamine (EIDA) is a substituted derivative of 3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine (MDA), which was developed by David Nichols and coworkers, in the course of research to determine the bulk tolerance around the benzodioxole portion of the MDA molecule. EIDA was found to produce similar effects to MDA in animals but with less than half the potency, while the isopropylidinedioxy derivative (IPIDA, IDA) did not substitute for MDA and instead had sedative and convulsant effects. This shows limited bulk tolerance at this position and (as with 2C-G-5) makes it likely the activity of EIDA will reside primarily in one enantiomer, although only the racemic mix has been studied as yet.
Methylenedioxy is the term used in the field of chemistry, particularly in organic chemistry, for a functional group with the structural formula R-O-CH-O-R' which is connected to the rest of a molecule by two chemical bonds. The methylenedioxy group consists of two oxygen atoms connected to a methylene bridge (-CH- unit). The methylenedioxy group is generally found attached to an aromatic structure such as phenyl where it forms the methylenedioxyphenyl or benzodioxole functional group which is widely found in natural products, including safrole, and drugs and chemicals such as tadalafil, MDMA, and piperonyl butoxide.